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Status Name Symbol Description
 ICO over AST The engine of the new token economy
 ICO coming Akasha Ethereum based social network using IPFS for storage
 ICO coming ATH Independent Swiss ICO & Post-ICO Rating Agency
 ICO over ALIS A reward system to distinguish trustworthy articles
 ICO coming ALT Protocol to tokenize real estate and Platform to trade tokenized property assets
 ICO running AltX Digital platform with a decentralized exchange, personalized crypto-messenger and a Smart Safe
 ICO running AMBT Mining ICO with existing scalable infrastructure
 ICO running AMC Universal Electronic Healthcare Records on the Blockchain
 ICO over AMLT The token of compliance
 ICO running AMMBR Global Bandwidth Tokenization
 ICO over AMN Enabling crypto spending in everyday life
 ICO over ANK Blockchain Asset-Backed Tokens
 ICO over RYZ Distributed Speech Recognition Platform
 ICO over APPC First ever ICO serving 200 Million active users
 ICO running XAP Next Generation Social Media App
 ICO over APPX Profit from app portfolios
 Trading ANT Create value without borders or intermediaries
 ICO coming RUN Esports + Blockchain
 ICO over ARENA eSports Cryptocurrency Speculation Ecosystem
 ICO over ARK A platform for consumer adoption
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