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Status Name Symbol Description
 ICO over VIVA The future of finance & your financial future.
 ICO over VLB Blockchain Fuel for the Vehicle Lifecycle Industry
 ICO over VSM A fair platform for musicians
 ICO over WABI Connects physical and digital
 ICO over WGR A betting blockchain
- None
 ICO over DALA A financial platform for emerging markets
 ICO over WAND Financial instruments on ERC20 tokens using smart contracts
 Trading WAVES Blockchain-powered customizable tokens platform
 ICO coming WELL Decentralized global marketplace for high-quality healthcare
 ICO coming WPR Blockchain-based green energy trading platform
 Trading TRST Savings & Insurance Platform
 ICO coming LIF Decentralizing the Oligopolistic Travel Industry
 ICO over - A decentralized platform to create, join and manage DAOs
 ICO coming WRL The Cloud Application Exchange
 ICO over WISH Blockchain lending platform
 ICO over WOLK Decentralized Data Exchange
 ICO over WAX A decentralized platform operating a fully functioning virtual asset marketplace
 ICO over XGM Crypto smart-street construction
 ICO coming YBK Blockchain based comparison and incentivised personal data storage platform
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