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Blockchain/DAG Hybrid platform suitable for high frequency transactions

BEXAM’s focus is not to become a simple payment solution, but rather to provide solutions for enterprises in an effort to partially or completely replace their centralized databases with blockchain solutions. By superseding the core database structure, which is the ‘engine’ of each business, enterprises will gain trust and credibility ith BEXAM’s secure network. Their node design architecture allows the ‘engine’ to be connected to the entire business chain through blockchain for secure, high-speed and scalable daily operations.

BEXAM provides the first practical blockchain solution for high-transaction businesses. They believe their technology opens the door for mass adoption of blockchain technology by giving industry-leading companies access to a new ‘blockchain protected’ business model.



Rong Shan Lim – Director

Shinji Kawase - Director

Yuki Sakaori - Co-founder & COO

Kanako Into - CFO

Mario Yearwood - CTO

Dean Morris - CRO

Country of origin Singapore | Japan


Blockchain Bexam (What is blockchain?)