TokenMarket insights on Lykke

By Gavin Knight - Published 2016-10-27

You’re not investing in a Blockchain technology per say, you are investing in a white labeled exchanged platform that utilize Bitcoins for it’s benefits, while offering the benefits traders want. It’s not “completely secure” as they say but in order to have that 100% security currently you struggle to offer built in exchange across any partners with the things traders expect. It’s a settlement network, that realizes sometimes settling for what works best means you can’t be all Blockchain.

Although tokens represent ownership of the company and their platform allows dividends to investors, there is no current clear plan of distribution. As stated in their company prospectus They have never distributed dividends, and “During the initial growth phase” they do not expect to pay dividends. This means ownership is entirely speculative. They do not list if there will be a future round that will allow owners to exit, or a clear vision of payouts, which fundamentally opens questions to what I am actually buying. On top of that they claim 0 fees in many aspects, opening up questions about earnings. It may be better to wait and speculate on the open market, but the ICO checks every other box I have for an ICO and I’m impressed. However, when evaluating value of the token is important.

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