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Status Name Symbol Description Blockchain
 ICO over Agate AGT Decentralized Blockchain Platform Blockchain
 ICO over Agrello DLT Realizing the Vision of Legally-Binding Smart Contracts on Blockchain Blockchain
 ICO over Akash Network AKSH Decentralized protocol for provisioning, scaling and securing cloud workloads Blockchain
 ICO running Ammbr AMMBR Global Bandwidth Tokenization Blockchain
 ICO over AppTrade APPX Profit from app portfolios Blockchain
 ICO coming Ardent United RUN Esports + Blockchain Blockchain
 ICO over ATB coin ATB Cryptocurrency based on SegWit and Lightning Network Blockchain
 Trading Bitgirls TOREKABU TV show meets Blockchain. Blockchain
 ICO over Bitone Network TM-BN Allowing interoperability with smart contracts, Dapps and anonym transactions Blockchain
 ICO over Bitproperty BTP Future of REIT Blockchain
 ICO over Blockstack TM-STX Infrastructure for a decentralized Internet Blockchain
 ICO over BLOCKv VEE Smart Virtual Goods on the Blockchain Blockchain
 ICO over Bluzelle BLZ Decentralised database service for dApps Blockchain
 ICO over BBK Stock trading on the blockchain Blockchain
 ICO over CelesChain CCHN A public chain of DPoW financial institutions Blockchain
 ICO over Color Platform COL Colorful Dapp Store Blockchain
 ICO over Comsa COMSA For centralized business to adopt blockchain technologies Blockchain
 ICO over CreativeCoin CREA Blockchain culture project for the registration and distribution of content Blockchain
 ICO coming CruCoins TM-CRU Revolutionizing Art Monetization Blockchain
 ICO over Crypto Improvement Fund CIF Business on the Blockchain Blockchain
 ICO over Cryptonex CNX Global Blockchain Acquiring Blockchain
 ICO over Crypviser CVCOIN Encrypted communication App on Blockchain with it`s own cryprocurrency Blockchain
 ICO over Decentraland MANA A blockchain-based virtual reality world Blockchain
 ICO over DentalFix DFBT Blockchain for dentals Blockchain
 ICO over DigiPulse DGT Digital inheritance service Blockchain
 ICO over Digital Asset Exchange Token DAXT Institutional grade exchange with blockchain based digital asset origination and lifecycle management tools. Blockchain
 ICO over Ecobit TM-ECOBIT World's Green Project Blockchain
 ICO over EncryptoTel ETT Secure VoIP and B2B blockchain communications infrastructure Blockchain
 ICO running EnLedger EEC Blockchain Interoperability & Data Portal Blockchain
 ICO over EQUI EQ Decentralize Everything - Efficiency Redefined Blockchain
 ICO over Ethbits ETB Get ether and bitcoin simply and safely Blockchain
 ICO coming FIC Network FIC Fixed Income Infrastructure for Blockchain Assets Blockchain
 ICO over Fiii Fiii Making Cryptocurrencies Available to All Blockchain
 Trading GameCredits GMC Free opensource gaming currency Blockchain
 ICO over GraphGrail Ai GAI Artificial Intelligence platform for Blockchain Blockchain
 ICO over HDAC DAC Blockchain based platform backed by Hyundai BS&C Blockchain
 ICO over Helium HLM Wireless decentralized network for machines via new physical blockchain Blockchain
 ICO over Hive Project HVN Currency invoice financing platform Blockchain
 ICO over Hycon HYC Hyper-Connected Coin Blockchain
 ICO over Internet of Coins HYBRID Blockchain Freedom (R) Evolution Blockchain
 ICO over Jsecoin JSE Browser Mined Energy Efficient Blockchain Technology Blockchain
 ICO over Katalyse (Former Fund Yourself Now) KAT Crowdfunding using blockchain technology Blockchain
 ICO coming Konkrete KKT Australia's first fully complaint distributed share registry Blockchain
 ICO over LAToken LAT Tokenize and trade real assets via crypto Blockchain
 ICO over LeviarCoin XLC DRM and software protection over blockchain Blockchain
 ICO over Liberstad TM-Liberstad A little piece of freedom Blockchain
 ICO over MakeItViral MIV A video sharing platform with an integrated token system Blockchain
 ICO over Mill of Blood TEIOS Automating the KYC and KYS processes through decentralization Blockchain
 ICO over Minexcoin MNX Global payment system based on a low volatility cryptocurrency Blockchain
 ICO over MobileGO MobileGo Token Crypto-Centric Mobile Gaming Platform and Store For In-Game Purchases Blockchain
 ICO over Mobius Network MOBI Connecting every developer to the blockchain ecosystem Blockchain
 ICO over Nimiq Network NET Browser-based Blockchain & Ecosystem Blockchain
 ICO coming Novam MNVM Distributed Cybersecurity for IoT Blockchain
 ICO over Octanox OTX Decentralized and low transaction cost payment system Blockchain
 ICO running OneGram OGC In gold we trust Blockchain
 ICO over OnPlace OPL Become an investor of private companies Blockchain
 ICO coming Orbs TM-ORBS Bringing consumer-scale to Ethereum assets Blockchain
 ICO over Oxycoin OXY Buy cryptocurrencies with fiat Blockchain
 ICO over Pantos PAN Multi-Blockchain Token system Blockchain
 ICO over PayperEx PAX An alternative share market built on blockchain tech Blockchain
 ICO over Phoneum PHM Mobile-only cryptocurrency Blockchain
 ICO running Polybius PLBT Regulated Bank for the Blockchain Generation Blockchain
 ICO over Quantum Resistant QRL A ‘future proof’ blockchain Blockchain
 ICO over Remme REM Replacing passwords with the distributed authentication Blockchain
 ICO over Rialto.AI XRL Cryptocurrency arbitrage and market maker Blockchain
 ICO over Rivetz RvT Decentralised and Mobile Cyber-Security Token Blockchain
 ICO over Sosnovkino SNK ICO Project Secured by a Land Asset Blockchain
 ICO over SunContract SNC Decentralized Energy Market Blockchain
 ICO over Suretly SUR Crowdvouching platform Blockchain
 ICO over SynchroLife SYC Decentralized Restaurant Recommendation Platform Blockchain
 ICO over Thought Network THT The global, decentralized, data-defined processing network Blockchain
 ICO over Tierion TNT A universal platform for verifiable data Blockchain
 ICO over Ties Network TIE Business platform backed by smart-contracts Blockchain
 ICO coming Token Stub STUB Decentralized, secure and low-cost event ticketing marketplace built on the blockchain Blockchain
 ICO coming VMC.AI TM-VAI Blockchain platform for human mobility and autonomous vehicles Blockchain
 ICO over Voise VSM A fair platform for musicians Blockchain
 ICO over WeGen WGC Anti-counterfiet Solution Blockchain
 ICO over Wixlar WIX Сryptocurrency and a Digital Payment System Blockchain
 ICO over Zen Protocol ZEN A blockchain built for finance Blockchain
 ICO over Zilliqa ZILs High-throughput Blockchain Platform Blockchain
 ICO over ZrCoin TM-ZRCOIN Commodity-backed blockchain option Blockchain