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Symbol BTP
Token sale opening date

15. Oct 2017

3 months ago

Token sale closing date

15. Nov 2017

2 months ago


Bitproperty is a real estate tokenization platform on the Ethereum blockchain. With Bitproperty, anyone can create, buy, or sell rights to real estate revenue streams with a new kind of asset class. Through Bitproperty, investors get the advantages of high liquidity REIT structures without the disadvantages of REITs and direct equity ownership.

Articles and research

Real Estate Tokenization Platform BitProperty to Launch a Token Sale After Beta Release by Richard Kastelein on Blockchain News



Ryo Nomura - CEO

Shunta Oka - Lead Designer

Hayato Shimomae - Frontend Engineer

Ryo Hasegawa - Frontend Engineer

Rie Igarashi - Public Relations & Customer Support

Francis Müller - Customer Support & legal Advisor

Yonatan Ben Shimon - Advisory & Matchpool CEO

Max Richardson - Product Advisory & Matchpool Founder

Lior Zysman - General Counsel & Matchpool Legal Advisor

Patrick Storchenegger - Legal Advisor

Angelina Parfenova - Advisor

Country of origin Japan


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【A Few Changes for the Bitproperty ICO】 Ahead of the upcoming Bitproperty ICO, the company is rolling out some changes to its plan for the maximum cap for the ICO, lowering it to 30,000 ETH. The distribution share of tokens remains largely unchanged amongst Bitproperty, other investors, and token holders. This change will allow Bitporperty to provide even more value to investors by reducing the cap. Please see the blog for details a month ago

【How blockchain will democratize the real estate industry】 Presently, depending on where you live, you have to overcome different legal, financial and cultural hurdles if you want to invest in real estate in your locality. What made the this possible was blockchain, the distributed ledger that made its fame with bitcoin. As it has proven in other industries, blockchain can transform the real estate market and make it more transparent, affordable and reachable to everyone. Please see the blog for details a month ago

【Bitproperty alpha demonstration site launches today】 Ahead of the long anticipated BTP token sale, today we’re launching the alpha version of the Bitproperty website. With this early version of the website, property owners and investors will be able to catch a glimpse of the look and feel of the future of the real estate industry. By leveraging the power of the blockchain and tokens, Bitproperty has removed intermediaries and made the navigation of the real estate investment landscape extremely simple. Find out what the future of real estate investment will look like. Visit the Bitproperty alpha version here. Access at Please see the blog for details 1 months ago

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