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Encrypted communication App on Blockchain with it`s own cryprocurrency

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Token sale opening date

20. May 2017

8 months ago

Token sale closing date

30. Jun 2017

7 months ago


The encrypted network for social and business communication based on Blockchain Crypviser is a disruptive, encrypted all-in- one network for social and business communication based on Blockchain technology. The security model of Crypviser is professionally designed to meet the highest standards of cryptography for securely storing and exchanging all kinds of data, including instant chats,voice and video calls, group calls (voice conferences) and more. Crypviser simplifies and introduces a wide range of encrypted products for the B2C and B2B markets, which up until now were only available to the biggest corporations, financial institutes, governments and secret services. Crypviser is the most secure solution for confidential interactions!

Articles and research

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In Era of Snooping, We Need Unblockable, Impenetrable and Strong Messenger by CoinTelegraph By Shivdeep Dhaliwal on CoinTelegraph

Crypviser ICO: Investment in Safety, Security and Freedom by CoinTelegraph By Shivdeep Dhaliwal on CoinTelegraph

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ICO CVCoin - инвестиции в безопасную сеть зашифрованной связи


Crypviser Blockchain-Based Encrypted Communication Platform Announces the ICO of CVCoin Tokens


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Hacking Expensive Government Systems is A Thing of The Past with Crypviser, The Most Secure…


Crypviser - Safest Social and Business Communication Platform - Crypto Smile


Crypviser Blockchain-Based Encrypted Communication Platform Announces the ICO of CVCoin Tokens by Richard Kastelein on Blockchain News



Vadim Andryan - The Founder and CEO/CTO

Waldemar Konradi - Co-Founder and Director

Eduard Schütz - Co-owner, Investor

Victor Gubin - The Lead Developer

Dmitriy Vaisband - Business Consultant, Coach

Sergey Sidorov - Legal Service

Ronald Kramer - Escrow - Bitshares Foundation

Ronny Boesing - Escrow - Openledger APS

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Crypviser Beta App public distribution The beta release of the decentralized Crypviser App for secure social commun… · 2 days ago

Crypviser Network announces its native CVT token Crypviser introduces CVT (Crypviser Token) issued for using insid… · 2 days ago

Here we are! Crypviser Network — the first decentralized secure communication platform will be launched on Sat, 20… · 5 days ago

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CVCoin the security token of Crypviser technologies has reached a historical high, 1.10 US$ on Bitshares DEX. The total gain of CVCoin since Nov01 2017 is 55% with a current market cap of $10.800.000 US on 01/12/2017 The main driving factors are the upcoming launch of Crypviser secure products, public awareness and the expectation of being listing on one of the top exchanges, HitBTC and QRYPTOS. We expect further gains of CVCoin on the wave of positive updates and successful development. Trade CVCOIN on the most secure decentralized exchange Bitshares DEX ( and follow our news! #crypviser #cvcoin #messenger #security 1 months ago

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