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Token sale opening date

9. Apr 2017

a year ago

Token sale closing date

15. Jun 2017

a year ago


EcoBit is blockchain digital crypto token/coin which is decentralised and 100% transparent.

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Ambassador (R) Dato' M. Redzuan Kushairi - Technology Advisor

Ambassador (R) Dato C.H. Saw - Policy Advisor

Dato' sharil tarmizi - Legal Advisor

Tang Too Siah - Board Advisor

Aaron - Multimedia & Branding

Lon Wong - Blockchain Advisor

Daniela Regra - International Liaison

Gobi Nathan - Event Affairs

Ng KL - Product Designer

Otto - Social Media

Shane - Land Specialist

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Our commercial farm is almost ready. 3 more weeks for final touches. · a month ago

Monya mobile wallet support EcoBit : · 2 months ago · 4 months ago

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Our commercial farm is almost ready. Few more weeks for the final touch. a month ago

Dear EcoBit Family, Since our ICO ended in June 2017, the team has been busy doing the showcase farm in the beginning of July and completed in August/September. We have successfully tested various produce from tomatoes, salad and herbs. We did a trial run on Aquaponics system too with Australian Jade Perch and Tilapia too. The updates can be seen on our website and social media. We gave out sample for market feedback and tasting, and we are pleased that got a positive response from it. Hence, we managed negotiate and penetrated into one of the biggest premium local chain of supermarket called Jaya Grocer, which have 22 outlet across Malaysia. In order to cater for this commercial production, we negotiated with the current owner of our showcase and they allocated another 2.5 Acre of land for the commercial production of tomatoes. With the current total area more than 108,900 square foot , we are able to accommodate 23,000 tomatoes plant, which is able to produce about more than 230,000 kg of tomatoes per annum. The current retail price is about RM 12 to 15/kg for premium safe tomatoes. According to our projection, we are able to meet minimum revenue of MYR$ 1,600,000 (US$400,000) per annum, of which 70% of the net profit will be used to “Buy Back EcoBit and Burn” on monthly basis from exchanges. We foresee this to have positive impact on price of EcoBit in the near future. The balance of the profit will be allocated for future expansion. We understand that real world project doesn’t move as fast a crypto market, and we do not see the point in “Pump and Dump” as there is no real utility in the coins/tokens. We are in for long term basis and we will continue to improve on the value for EcoBit Family. 4 months ago

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