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FIC Network

FIC FIC Network

Fixed Income Infrastructure for Blockchain Assets

Crypto tokens and currencies are operating as currencies or stocks, but there is no real fixed-income offering. As the crypto markets mature, earning interest on your assets and paying interest to borrow assets will become the largest financial market in the world. FIC Network is an end-to-end decentralized fixed income securities network for crypto and traditional asset managers that enables the listing, exchange, and securitization of fixed income financial instruments denominated in crypto or fiat currencies. Instruments include: based Asset backed securities, Credit, Corporate Bonds, Credit default swaps, Future Options.



Arturs Ivanovs - Founder & CEO

Alvar Soosaar - Co-founder & COO

Aigars Staks - Co-founder & Senior Fic Network Architecture Advisor

Kalvis Kalnins - Co-founder & Software Developer

Anatoly Ressin - Interim Head of Technology

Agnese Kerubina - Chief Scientist & Product Support Manager

Peteris Ratnieks - Backend & Blockchain Developer

Aleksandrs Borovenskis - Head of Communications

Valters Grisans - Lead Designer

Country of origin USA


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