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Blockchain based platform backed by Hyundai BS&C

27. Nov 2017 - 22. Dec 2017

Hdac is a blockchain based platform backed by Hyundai. The platform allows IoT devices to quickly and effectively communicate, handling identity, authentication, data storage and micro-payments. Hdac will develop a new blockchain based on multichain capable of handling the scale and contract functionality required for an IoT platform, as well as bridges to Bitcoin and Ethereum to facilitate payments. IoT devices powered by Hdac will mean more actionable data to improve lives, businesses and governments.

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Dae-Sun Chung - Founder

William Chun - Blockchain Evangelist

Devon Choi - Development Director

Jae-Min Lee - Development Engineer

Joong-Bum Choi - Development Engineer

Il-hun Chung - Development Engineer

Jae-Hoon Kim - Development Engineer

Nak-Jin Kim - Development Engineer

Seung-Jun Ro - Development Engineer

Ho-Young Yang - Development Engineer

Yong-hoon Kim - Development Engineer

David Lee - Operating Director

Ji-Hoon Kim - Strategy Planner

Robert Choi - Marketing Director

Bong-Suk Kwak - Strategy Manager

Mike Noh - Marketing Manager

Won Lee - Marketing Assistant

Steven Kang - Marketing Assistant

Country of origin Switzerland


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