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Internet of Coins

Blockchain Freedom (R) Evolution

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Token sale opening date

21. Mar 2017

10 months ago

Token sale closing date

21. Jun 2017

7 months ago


Internet of Coins is an environment for personal finance. As a decentralized platform it enables an optimally inclusive financial network, interlinking all digital forms of value. It allows you to trade digital assets and currencies peer to peer, with an easy to use interface and the opportunity to earn fees by participating as an allocator.

Articles and research

Cryptocurrency is Hybrid Financial Instrument but Should Not Have Special Treatment by CoinTelegraph By Darryn Pollock on CoinTelegraph

Hybrid Intelligence: Several countries are discussing launching their own national cryptocurrencies by Richard Kastelein on Blockchain News

Tapping into Mental Assets of Individuals Propels Hybrid Intelligence to New Heights by CoinTelegraph By Andrew Marshall on CoinTelegraph

China Quietly Tests Digital Hybrid Currency by CoinTelegraph By Jon Buck on CoinTelegraph

Internet of coins: Decentralised Cryptocurrency Exchange by Jim Reynolds on Invest It In

Internet of Coins Token Sale (ICO): Enabling cross-chain economies with hybrid tokens - Smith + Crown


Internet Of Coins’ Hybrid Asset Works On Different Blockchains by Los Silva on ETHNews



Joachim de Koning - Founder

Robert de Groot - Co-founder

Amadeus de Koning - Developer

Luca Verhees - UX/UI

Ronny Boesing - External Consultant

Steffen Hoffmann - Developer

Jelle Herold - Cryptographer

Sergey Kazenyuk - Informatics researcher

Marjon Riehl - Translation Coordinator

George Zeeman - Project Manager

Matthias Klees - Evangelist

Pim Weltevrede - Marketeer

Aymeric Vitte - Researcher

Marietje Kardaun - Ethics Advisor

Bas Wisselink - Blockchain Advisor

Hans Schaaij - Community Advisor

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