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10. Jul 2017

16 days ago

Crowdsale closing date

17. Jul 2017

8 days ago


The Liquidity Asset Tokens (LATO) platform offers anyone the potential to unlock the value of illiquid assets ranging from real estate and banks loans to works of art. Through the creation of digital tokens, any asset can be bought, sold, or traded in fractional shares on a secondary market, enabling asset owners to more effectively leverage the value of their previously illiquid holdings. Real estate assets, for example, are estimated to be worth $217 trillion worldwide with liquidity barriers existing in every market.

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Blockchain Startup Liquidity Asset Token (LATO) announces PRE-ICO to Tokenize Assets by Richard Kastelein on Blockchain News



Valentin Preobrazhensky - CEO

Danila Simonov - CTO

Oleg Belushkin - Finance

Ayrana Mongush - Marketing

Artem Chestnov - Project Manager

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A great read on how tokenization is trending in the startup and VC space · 12 days ago

Hey,an article about us on the-blockchain! Although the coin will be called LAT and our company LAToken #Crypto #btc · 13 days ago

Join the pre-sale 25% bonus on tokens #ico #crypto #ETH #LAT #LAToken · 14 days ago

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Amazing article on mapping the future of decentralization. We are going to be a big player in the asset MNGMNT block. "The new financing mechanisms democratizing venture financing to a certain degree will trigger the explosive growth of tokenized networks by fueling the network ownership effect — an unprecedented growth mechanic, kind of a network effect on steroids. Imagine you get an incentive for making other people use a service you love. The speed of crypto innovation will outperform everything we have experienced over the past two decades." 2 days ago

The blockchain is slowly but surely taking over the world. These experiments might seem small right now, but they will lead to great changes. Disrupting old markets and patterns is the biggest challenge for blockchain. LAToken is creating a whole new market of tokenized assets trying to take over the old markets of illiquid assets. And it will not be long until we succeed. "Zug, a Swiss town with the population of nearly 30,000 citizens, has been famous for its dedication to cryptocurrencies. Zug has been called the “Crypto Valley” of the financial world since many of its citizens are entrepreneurs who specialize in digital currencies. Numerous Bitcoin and blockchain enthusiasts have flocked to the town to take advantage of the entrepreneurial environment and the crypto-awareness of the citizens. Last year, the town even began accepting bitcoin payments for government services on a trial basis. In addition, one of the 10 bitcoin ATMs in Switzerland is in Zug, which is operated by the Zug-based Bitcoin Suisse." 4 days ago

This article analysis the liquidity aspect of investments through blockchain and digital assets. LAToken unlocks asset value through the process of tokenization which creates liquididty for illiquid assets. "These digital assets can literally represent anything. Not only can they represent anything, but the market actually gives the shares the value through a free market. " 6 days ago

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