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Mobius Network

Connecting every developer to the blockchain ecosystem

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Symbol MOBI
Token sale opening date

22. Nov 2017

20 days ago

Token sale closing date

22. Dec 2017

in 9 days


Mobius closes the gap between the internet world and blockchain world through innovative and simple protocols that introduce new standards for cross-blockchain login, payment, governance, and oracles.

Articles and research

Startup Mobius Network launches ‘Stripe-like’ API for blockchain access




David S. Gobaud

Kurosh S. Khajvandi

Monis Rahman

Jackson Palmer: Advisor

Jed McCaleb - Advisor

Country of origin Palo Alto, CA


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Important Mobius Updates — Big Asia/China Tour! · 19 days ago

Crypto Quickstart: Mobius with PHP · a month ago

Proof of Love ❤️️: Show Mobius Love Protocol · a month ago

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It’s been an amazing past few days where our road show has taken us through Macau, Xiamen, and Hangzhou, China with… · 4 days ago

RT @richardtravels: What @Stripe did for credit card processing, @mobius_network will do for the #Blockchain So excited for this! https://t… · 10 days ago

Our CEO and Cofounder @davidgobaud talks about why @StellarOrg over Ethereum, the Mobius team and product, and the… · 11 days ago

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It’s been an amazing past few days where our road show has taken us through Macau, Xiamen, and Hangzhou, China with our Advisory Board Member Chandler Guo, one of the world’s largest Bitcoin miners. Pictures here include talks and meetings with China Blockchain/Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investors, and journalists. The finger point represents Chandler’s trademark of “keep growing” up, in reference to Cryptocurrency valuations. We couldn’t agree more! Due to high demand of our token in China, you can now visit our website and read our white paper in Chinese! Check it out! Cyrus Khajvandi 4 days ago

Our CEO and Cofounder David Gobaud talks about why Stellar over Ethereum, the Mobius team and product, and the MOBI token sale with the Decentralized News Network. Check it out! Munjal Shah 11 days ago

Haha, seen at today's Coindesk's Consensus: Invest conference in NYC in the bathroom stalls... The Mobius Proof of Love program knows no bounds! Join the 14k+ people already in our pre-sale: 13 days ago

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