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Decentralised and Mobile Cyber-Security Token

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Symbol RvT
Token sale opening date

10. Aug 2017

5 months ago

Token sale closing date

10. Sep 2017

4 months ago


Rivetz cyber security token provides proof and assurance of privacy and security at a hardware level. Rivetz integrates trusted computing with blockchain technology to provide comprehensive privacy protection across multiple devices powered by the RvT token. Rivetz works through the Trusted Execution Environment: a private hardware “vault” on your phone that is completely independent from the operating system. Inside of this vault, everything is isolated – so no apps or software or operating system can see what’s inside. This is where Rivetz works to securely manage your secrets, your passwords, keys, and other private information.

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Rivetz to provide Ammbr network with device-to-blockchain authentication by Richard Kastelein on Blockchain News

Touch Titans adopts Rivetz Next Generation Cybersecurity for Cryptocurrencies by Richard Kastelein on Blockchain News

myGeoTracking Teams with Rivetz to Provide State of the Art Device Security for Mobile Field Employees by Richard Kastelein on Blockchain News

Rivetz Introduces Decentralized Cybersecurity Token to Secure Devices by Richard Kastelein on Blockchain News



Steven Sprague - CEO & Cofounder

Michael Sprague - CTO & Cofounder

Sean Gilligan - VP Engineering

Mark Hoblit - Senior Developer

Greg Laun - Software Developer

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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist The North American Bitcoin Conference, Day 2 · a day ago

Rivetz partners with @ORCA_Alliance for #secure #2FA solutions – #nabc #BTCMiami · a day ago

Join us this weekend in Frisco, TX, for @HeyTaiZen 's "Crypto in Frisco" event - great speakers, including @skswave… · 2 days ago

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After shaking on the deal at the North American Bitcoin Conference last week in Miami, Rivetz is happy to announce its new partnership with the ORCA Alliance. 19 hours ago

Are you in the Dallas, Texas, area? Join us this weekend for Tai Zen's "Crypto in Frisco" - great speakers, including our own Steven Sprague: 2 days ago

MY DAY AT THE NORTH AMERICAN BITCOIN CONFERENCE ~ Alex Taghavi, Rivetz Director of Business Development Europe "So a quick update on My day. It was crazy busy from beginning till the end. I wanted to shoot interviews with the gopro but couldn't set things up fast enough so I left it and went old-school networking. Exchanged stories about what we do and how it works. Met the Lucyd guys, wonderful people and we keep bumping to each other all over the planet really. Then there was Ark, Dash, Salt, and probably like 25 other companies I personally spoke to. And this is just me, so Amy Vernon probably spoke to a whole bunch as well and so did our other Bus. Devs. Not to mention Steven who was continuously explaining what we do and how it all works. We actually had a few contributors come over to say hi, take pictures and share their experience with us, which was wonderful! I met Omar, a.k.a. Crypt0 who inspired me to get more involved with blockchain technology. It was truly a privilege for me to shake his hand and thank him personally. It's funny because when he quit his job as a waiter at a restaurant in Miami I quit mine a few months later as a software engineer at the stock market. So now we both do what we are truly passionate about, which is bring value to the crypto community. He does that by making youtube videos and I do that by providing hardware based security. Then I met Tai Zen who is also a inspiration to so many! He interviewed Steven during the ICO and he is one of the most approachable guys out there. For tomorrow I have a interview scheduled with him. And there were a bunch of other interesting people that I met which all had their own personal story how and why they got into crypto. I always tell people that I am truly blessed to be part of this all. I get to meet wonderful and interesting people all around the world who each have their own story to share. And as a Rivetz family member I truly believe that we are adding value by providing something unique and amazing for every person out there that has a device which we have access to through the T.E.E.. The hardware is build already, the devices have been shipped and are being used. And we have access to billions of devices. We have a working beta product and most importantly of all, we have the most skilled and amazing people within our team. Tomorrow is another amazing day waiting to happen! And on that notion, I'll let it be." 3 days ago

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