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Symbol SYC
Crowdsale opening date

22. Sep 2017

a month ago

Crowdsale closing date

20. Oct 2017

in 2 hours


SynchroLife is a blockchain based restaurant recommendation platform, providing trustworthy restaurant information and reviews worldwide by rewarding reviewers with tokens. They are building a new token-based economy by connect users and restaurants through tokens.



Tomochika Kamiya - CEO

Hiroshi Mita - Development Director

Satoru H. - Blockchain Engineer

Shun Sato - Creative Director

Laura Symborski - Chief Director

Eunjin Kim - Director

Country of origin Hong Kong


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ONLY 11 HOURS LEFT TO JOIN THE SYNCHROLIFE CROWDSALE! Ends at 14:59 GMT! Join us today: · 8 hours ago

The SynchroLife crowdsale and bounty campaign end in less than 24 hours! Make sure to join today! #bounty #ico · 9 hours ago

Don't miss your chance to join us in building the world's first decentralized restaurant recommendation platform! ⏰ · 17 hours ago

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Have you joined the SynchroLife token crowdsale yet? It ends THIS FRIDAY, October 20th! When joining please make sure you are always on our official website and watch out for imitations and scams! 🚨 Check out our blog for more tips on how to avoid fakes! a day ago

日本チームが運営する"グルメ開拓者達の隠れた労働力にトークン報酬を与える" SynchroLife ICO実施中! 参加最後のチャンスは10月20日 23:59(日本時間)まで🔥 a day ago

Have you joined the SynchroLife Slack group yet? 👋 Come in and say hi to our team and let us know if you have any questions about SynchroLife! a day ago

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