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Thought Network

THT Thought Network

The global, decentralized, data-defined processing network

14. Mar 2018 - 30. Apr 2018

The Thought utility token (THT) will be used to enable functionality on the network, as well as, compensate algorithm developers, data scientists, and integrators for their data models and network development work. The solution is to couple ordinary data with programmatic logic to create Smart Data - called a "Nuance". A Nuance can be considered a "digital neuron" that receives and processes inputs and creates outputs. Add Nuances to the Thought network to create a decentralized computational fabric that securely processes data "everywhere". Using Nuances, we can automatically perform complex data analytics and artificial intelligence functions at the data level. Due to the structure and functionality of this network, computational functions such as processing data models and performing machine learning algorithms become massively distributed; creating a significantly faster response time and improved performance. The structure enables instantaneous "action" based on computed results. Smart Data and the Thought Network leverage Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) to create ecosystems of data models and AI algorithms. This marriage of Smart Data and DLT results in a dynamic, universal value-driven marketplace for a diversity of data and data insight.



Andrew Hacker - CEO

Gil O'Brien - CMO

Leah Zimmerman - Project Manager

Andrew Weiss - Chief Counsel

Philip Grim - CTO

Samuel Jones - Lead Software Engineer

Matthew Hykes - Lead Software Architect

Adrian Jones - Software Developer

Alec Wantoch - Software Developer

Samuel Heybey - Software Developer

Michael Rusling - Software Developer

Ramgopal Penumatsa - Software Developer

Tyler Ross - IT Infrastructure Specialist

Neelima Bandi - Research and Development Specialist

Karan Raj - Research and Development Specialist

Country of origin British Virgin Islands


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