TokenMarket insights on Komodo

By Gavin Knight - Published 2016-10-27

Komodo comes from the team behind NXT. There's been a flury of projects promising to be clones of zcash. First off it's a complex codebase, so I presume many will fall short. The NXT team has the technical capabilities to potentially come through, and the available information is very thorough. Here we have a different consensus method. In zcash it's PoW based on equihash, in Komodo we're using essentially delegated proof of stake, and some novel applications of that. This allows the network to adapt and decide faster which could be a benefit. The information from the chain is also included in the Bitcoin Blockchain. It's a very compelling project, and if it lives up to it's capabilities having a zcash based core coin, with a different consensus algorithm, is a worthy model. We've seen this playout with Darkcoin and Monero. Darkcoin allows masternodes and holders to essentially to decide on initiatives, while Monero is mining based and controlled by the developers. Both have their benefits, and it appears there's ample room for both at the moment.

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