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5. May 2017

24 days ago

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2. Jun 2017

in 2 days


Embermine is an IPFS platform/ecosystem designed to give content creators—writers, artists, musicians, app developers, etc.—the means to finally achieve agency in their creative endeavors with a smart contract-driven royalty payment system, collaborative network, and marketplace backed by blockchain verification and facilitated by an accessible cryptocurrency practice.



James Drake - CEO

Garrison Breckenridge - COO & Co-Founder

Amanda Brett - Director of Public Relations

Country of origin USA


Blockchain Embermine (What is blockchain?)


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THIS IS OUR DESIGN https://t.co/o06hnlHuD5 · 2 days ago

RT @Kda2018: Your efforts will be rewarded with an operating system made for you! Everyone is a part! Come on! More info follow: @TheEmber… · 2 days ago

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Most of the great problems of the world are due to the systems we create. Whenever we face their inevitable fallout, we tend to deflect the blame towards the fates, the powers that be, or some other party. We seem to be unable to face the possibility that this is our doing because that involves taking responsibility of our accumulative actions. [ 429 more words ] https://embermine.com/this-is-our-design/ 2 days ago

Among the many reasons why token sales or ICOs are used, one of the most important roles that few are truly aware of is their role in generating value in expanding markets, and preserving that value for coin holders in falling ones. I had a couple of eye-opening conversations the past week which have led me to understand a few things much more clearly. [ 1,472 more word ] https://embermine.com/protecting-and-multiplying-value-in-crypto/ 3 days ago

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