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A Decentralized Ad Network

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Symbol ADX
Token sale opening date

30. Jun 2017

5 months ago

Token sale closing date

30. Jun 2017

5 months ago

Status  Trading

AdEx is a blockchain-based ad exchange aiming at disrupting the existing online advertising landscape and address its significant problems: advertising fraud, privacy and consent to receiving sponsored messages, etc. AdEx is completely transparent and built on top of Ethereum smart contracts.

Articles and research

China's Biggest Blockchain Gains its First DApp as AdEx Joins NEO by CoinTelegraph By John Patrick Mullin on CoinTelegraph

Blockchain Startup AdEx, a Decentralized Ad Platform Developer to Launch a Token Sale by Richard Kastelein on Blockchain News

Stremio Selects WINGS DAO Management Platform for the AdEx Crowdfunding Campaign




Ivo Georgiev - Cofounder

Dimo Stoyanov - Cofounder

Vanina Ivanova - Marketing & Ad tech

Shteryana Shopova - Security Expert

Ivo Paunov - Developer

Allesya Ivanova - Graphic designer

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ADX is an ERC20 token so you can use any wallet that supports the ERC20 standard. · 5 days ago

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Please be very cautious whenever your Ethereum address is concerned. Always check the URLs of the sites requesting your details to avoid getting scammed! 12 days ago

We're doing a BNB coin airdrop to express our appreciation to anyone who votes for us in the Binance contest! 17 days ago

Voting is now live for Binance's Community Coin of the Month! Support AdEx and help us get listed! Cast your vote here: Thank you for your support! 18 days ago

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