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AMO Project

Blockchain for the CAR DATA Market

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Symbol AMO
Token sale opening date

30. Jun 2018

in a month

Token sale closing date

7. Jul 2018

in 2 months


AMO is a blockchain infrastructure for the efficient exchange and sharing of all CAR DATA powering the next generation of automobiles. For car users, manufacturers, and relevant service providers, this means that data will no longer be under the centralized control of specific companies, but rather become public assets that allow for valuable services to be made available.



SangGyoo Sim - CEO & Chief Software Architect

Daniel ES Kim - Chief Strategy Officer

Ds Kim - CTO

Erik Tan - Head of Operations

Jaeson Yoo - Security Evangelist/Head of Biz Dev.

SungKyoon Chung - Head of R&D

YeonHyeong Yang - Head of Blockchain Development

JungSik Hwang - Blockchain

JoonHyuk Han - Blockchain

JongGook Lee - Blockchain

SungOk Choi - Blockchain

YoungIn Park - Blockchain

DeaKyu Seo - Blockchain

KiHo Joo - Head of Automotive Engineering

DongHun Ko - Automotive Engineering

JungWook Kim - Automotive Engineering

SangWon Seo - Automotive Engineering

John Park - Automotive Engineering

HyoSeob Kim - Automotive Engineering

SeungGyu Yu - Automotive Engineering

JeongEun Ki - Automotive Engineering

KwonKoo Kwak - Head of Machine Learning

HyeongMin Koo - Machine Learning

Moses Hong - Machine Learning

MyungJin Kim - Machine Learning

Jeiff Kim - Business Development

Niyikiza Aimable - Business Development

SeungGoo Kim - Business Development

Francis Han - Business Development

JaeYoung Hwang - Business Development

KyungMoon Nam - Head of User Experience/Product Development

John Kim - User Experience/Product Development

HanJun Lee - User Experience/Product Development

Ashley Cha - User Experience/Product Development

YeonTae Kim - User Experience/Product Development

DaeYoung Hyun - User Experience/Product Development

DongHun An - User Experience/Product Development

JiRok Song - User Experience/Product Development

G-Hun Pak - Head of Marketing/Communications

Esther Jeohn - Marketing/Communications

Anna Aminoff - Marketing/Communications

Kaiying Fu - Marketing/Communications

Elaina Yoon - Marketing/Communications

SeongWon Kim - Marketing/Communications

MyungJin Jeon - Marketing/Communications

HyeYoung Hwang - Marketing/Communications

Country of origin Singapore


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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#Consensus2018 and #BlockchainWeekNYC treated us well! 🔥🏙️ Check out our latest blog post for details:… · 3 days ago

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Last night's #PizzaParty at the Penta Lounge 🍕🍻 We invited the good, lovable people who are on our official AMO chatrooms (joined us on Kakaotalk and Telegram yet?) for a night of fun and food and the chance to meet some members of the #AMOteam. Thanks for dropping by, you guys are an amazing bunch! Be excited for our next event 🍻 ** to protect the privacy of our guests, we've made some edits to the photos. 3 days ago

Here's our recap of #Consensus2018, the annual #blockchain summit by CoinDesk! Taking place during the first-ever #NYCBlockchainWeek, the #AMOteam was in town to catch the main event with all the best ICOs in the industry. The team also got busy meeting up with several potential partners and investors to discuss the #AMO project—we're extremely happy with the progress and will be announcing these exciting developments when things are ready to go public 😍 #blockchainweek #nyc #cryptocurrency #ICO #AMO 3 days ago

Spotted by AMO Labs engineer Aimable NiyiKiza at #Consensus2018 🙃 "You Had Me At Blockchain" 5 days ago

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