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ArtEx Global

Global art work platform based om blockchain technology

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Symbol ARX
Token sale opening date

5. Dec 2017

5 months ago

Token sale closing date

24. Dec 2017

5 months ago


The ARTEX Platform records the provenance of works of art in the blockchain, enabling investors and collectors to receive information about exhibitions and sales, and to see expert assessments, price indexes, and much more using a simple mobile application.

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Art Provenance Platform ARTEX Launching Token Sale


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Vladimir Povshenko - CEO & Co-founder

Valery Kochergin - CTO & Co-founder

Evgeniy Galiakhmetov - CFO & Co-founder

Country of origin Hong Kong


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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An adorable video which will teach you how to explain blockchain to peoplenof all ages · 5 months ago

Our #35awards #art of #blockchain contest winners among works of art presented at the #cryptospace #conference!… · 5 months ago

Our #35awards #art of #blockchain contest winners among works of art presented at the conference #blockchain… · 5 months ago

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Recently, we received The Art Market 2018 report. What so special about it? The fact that unlike in the past, TEFAF, Deloitte Art & Finance and ArtPrice are now working on the one document, divided into different parts instead of doing the same job separately. All united! So, what do we learn from it? 💲Sales in the global art market reached $63.7 billion in 2017, up 12% on 2016. 💲The US was the largest market worldwide, accounting for 42% of sales by value, with China in second place (21%) and the UK the third largest market with 20%. 💲Dealer sales in 2017 reached an estimated $33.7 billion, up 4% year-on-year. ⚡Now the interesting part: dealers reported that they made 46% of their sales at art fairs in 2017, up 5% on the average share reported in 2016 while art fairs continue to be a central part of the global art market, with aggregate sales estimated to reach $15.5 billion in 2017, up 17% year-on-year. Seriously!? So you still need to spend 12 hours in the plane to make a real deal? While the report now has a section dedicated to the blockchain in art, there’s still a way to go. 20 days ago

Russian speakers, your attention please! В рамках проекта провенанс Владимир Повшенко, главный редактор газеты The Art Newspaper Russia Милена Орлова, редактор раздела арт-критики Екатерина Вагнер и наш CEO Владимир Повшенко обсудили основные проблемы современного арт-рынка и перспективы его развития после внедрения блокчейн. Подробнее о нашей платформе (у которой, кстати, уже скоро появится общедоступная альфа-версия!) в программе "Провенанс" на радио "Культура" 21 days ago

Russian speakers, your attention, please! Вагнер и Повшенко поговорили о провенансе и блокчейне. Что? На днях наш CEO заглянул на радио Радио Культура 91,6 FM и стал гостем на программе главного редактора газеты The Art Newspaper Russia Екатерины Вагнер. Рассказал о том, зачем искусству блокчейн, что такое провенанс и как ARTEX решает проблему закрытости рынка произведений искусства. Все это, а также выставки, которые нельзя пропустить этой весной - в новом выпуске ё If you are an English speaker and you are still here - it was a post about us going on radio "culture" to talk about the provenance of the artwork along with the founder of Art Newspaper Russia Ekaterina Vagner. a month ago

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