TokenMarket insights on Augur

By Gavin Knight - Published 2016-10-27

Augur offers clean and familiar experience for users. While the focus is on prediction markets, we must understand a lot of that is essentially betting. With the time spent on this project, and the funds raised we're in a wait and see phase. There's a lot of hype and probably upside on the market, and late speculators might find a decent price to get in, but competition is already brewing. Gnosis has similar plans, and is also built on Ethereum. If Augur runs into any number of issues or fails to live up to it's much awaited launch than there's plenty of talent waiting to fulfill that void. So far the tech doesn't seem transformative, based on what is available for testing. That's ok, because really it's what goes on behind the scenes, if it works, that makes the user experience simple.

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