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Platform for selling digital products and services, based on smart-contracts on the Ethereum blockchain

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Symbol BSC
Token sale opening date

18. Dec 2017

in 5 days

Token sale closing date

31. Jan 2018

in 1 months

Concept allows vendors to publish information about digital products and services, and customers – to purchase these products and services for Ethereum cryptocurrency. At that, all the data concerning products is stored as a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Use of smart contracts allows for automatization of payment processing and account of products. In the simplest cases, creating a digital product offer is done with only a few clicks and does not require vendors to install any software. Purchasing digital products is a simple process too. Buyers make all payments in the Ethereum blockchain`s native currency – ETH. Creating sale offers, as well as buying products is done with the use of software, based on MyEtherWallet – one of the most popular Ethereum online wallets. That allows the service to be used on both desktops and mobile devices.

Articles and research Launches Partner Program by Richard Kastelein on Blockchain News

An Interview with Vladlen Manshin of ICO | TheInvestZone


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Vladlen Manshin - Team management, project coordination, marketing

Oleg Kondrakhanov - Backend development, smartcontracts development, vendors integration

Alexey Kuzmin - Frontend development, vendors integration

Nikita Ivanov - Community management, technical support

Anton Loktev - Developed solutions testing, documentation control

Ekaterian Antonova - Preparing materials in English

Igor Kononenko - Community management

Svetlana Lozovyuk - Community management

Country of origin Singapore


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Latest news Integrates Platform for Easy Escrow Management and Dispute Resolution · 4 hours ago November Progress Update · 8 days ago

Digital Shopcart Pioneer joined byCrypto Asset Advisor David Drake · 12 days ago

BCShop.Io Implements Bancor Protocol to Provide Bcs Tokens with Decentralized Liquidity · 12 days ago

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I just published “ November Progress Update” · 8 days ago promo campaign STARTS NOW. #Airdrop #Airdrops #PROMO #ICO #Ethereum #blockchain · 11 days ago

I just published “Digital Shopcart Pioneer joined byCrypto Asset Advisor David Drake” · 12 days ago

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We are pleased to share with you our many accomplishments in the month of November. With your continued support, we are gradually improving the project. #bcshop #ico 8 days ago promo campaign STARTS NOW!!! The main focus of this campaign is to spread the word about platform and grow our community bigger. 1. Tell two friends about and join them to our social networks: 2. Write a message in this group in the following format: Your ETH wallet – your twitter – friend’s 1 twitter - friend’s 2 twitter This is all you need to do. 5th of December promo campaign will be finished and we will distribute 3000 BCP tokens (~14 000$ token sale price) between all participant, equally. FAQ: 1. You can participate several times if you bring different friends. 2. Friends that you bring can participate too! 3. We will check participants for fair play. All twitter accounts (yours and friends’) MUST be registered before December 2017. Accounts registered in December will not qualify. BCP tokens are promo tokens and can be exchanged to main BCS tokens 1:1 during token sale 10-31 Jan 2018. #airdrop #bcshop #ico 11 days ago

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