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Symbol BNC
Crowdsale opening date

1. Aug 2017

2 months ago

Crowdsale closing date

1. Sep 2017

1 months ago


The Benja merchandise ad network is executing a token issuance under the name benjaCoin (BENJA). The benjaCoin will serve as a revenue-generating mechanism for the Benja merchandise ad network.



Andrew J. Chapin - CEO

Tommy Goode - CTO

Country of origin USA


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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RT @ChapinLabs: .@andrewjchapin is on episode 2 of the new @fpobutkiewicz podcast, Generation E: · a day ago

RT @ChapinLabs: Art of the ICO, a new book by @andrewjchapin, drops 10/10/17 on Amazon. To hear more or sign up for updates:… · a month ago

Our parent company is running a buy one, get one Uber gift code deal. Limited quantity available: · a month ago

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Some highlights from Andrew J. Chapin's feature on FundingSage: - "Efficiency is something that we pride ourselves on at every level of the organization. You see this in our front-end experience. We are giving the end-user and vendor a clear path to each transaction with fewer steps than any other solution. You see it in our company head-count. We have kept low, with a focus on developing back-end systems that optimize and require less manual work. Many ad networks involve hundreds of people, but even with the growth we are projecting the next few years, I don’t expect that we will ever have over thirty employees." - "We have talked to the SEC, shared our journey, avoided paid promotion schemes, and are confident that we will secure a good place in the early history of an ICO as a result." a month ago

You can now trade benjaCoin against BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR, XRP, ZEN, DOGE, ZEC, GNT, DASH, and more at Evercoin: a month ago

We're proud to announce Benja CEO Andrew J. Chapin's involvement in the ICO Governance Foundation, a foundation formed by leaders in the blockchain community to clean up the ICO market. We're thrilled to have BenjaCoin listed in the foundation white paper as an example of the organization's new IGF-1 form. For more information, visit 1 months ago

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