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CDL Confideal

Smart contract management service for individuals and businesses

2. Nov 2017 - 22. Nov 2017

Confideal is a unique smart contract management service for individuals and businesses, that allows its users to create and make safe, fast and anonymous deals powered by blockchain technology. Confideal will reduce transaction costs, enhance the security of funds by escrow agent, improve the speed of the dealmaking process, resolve disputes through the arbitration module and expand business opportunities for enterprises, small companies, and individuals. Confideal offers a unique smart contract constructor that allows to create, sign and manage smart contracts. This feature is mostly aimed at crypto community for the creation of new crypto for crypto products. However, there are tons of use cases for different spheres and industries. All smart contracts made with Confideal are encrypted and backed up on Ethereum blockchain to ensure their autonomy and safety.

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Pyotr Belousov - Business Development, Product Development

Andrey Baybaratsky - Product Development, Software Development and Technologies

Egor Khromov - Software Development and Technologies

Philip Homenok - Community Relations, Marketing

Aleksey Semyonov - Product Development, Marketing

Iskander Ishmukhambetov - Project Manager

Country of origin Ireland


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