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Dedicated cryptocurrency for gamers and developers

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Symbol CRC
Token sale opening date

14. Dec 2017

3 months ago

Token sale closing date

31. Jan 2018

2 months ago


CRYCASH is a cryptocurrency that satisfies all needs of gamers and game developers with its Ecosystem of custom-tailored services: Plink, a dedicated mobile application where players can monetize their game time, communicate and collaborate; a marketplace for in-game assets and services; Cyber Sport platform for eSports betting and events; and an Advertising Platform for game developers. CRYCASH has already confirmed integration into the world-popular bestsellers from Crytek, with more partners to come.

Articles and research

Crytek partners with Crycash to launch a 'cryptocurrency for gamers' | PC Gamer


Crytek First to Partner in New CRYCASH Cryptocurrency Launch | Crytek


Daily Glixel: Crytek Now Has Its Own Cryptocurrency | Rolling Stone


Crycash teams up with Crytek to create cryptocurrency for gamers | GamesBeat




Wachtang Budagaschwili - CEO

Daniel Tamas - CTO

Sandro Kvlividze - CPO

Michael Levin - CMO

Sally Shen - CBDO

Evgeniy Evgrafov - Lead Developer

Country of origin Germany


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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Gamers know about the ubiquitous problem of team games – the skill difference of your game buddies. How to find suc… · 5 days ago

Due to CRYCASH Ecosystem features it’s possible to inject Blockchain technology into gaming. Is there any purpose f… · 6 days ago · 7 days ago

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Gamers know about the ubiquitous problem of team games – the skill difference of your game buddies. What’s more important, the fewer players in the team - the more value each of them has, the more individual player contributes to the final result. Most of us are more satisfied with game session which is resulted by victory, not defeat. Imagine, there are two of you. You and the one who covers your back. Now the value of each increases to the maximum – team can’t be lesser. How to find such a teammate in which you will be 100% sure? Plink knows how. Plink developers consider each game individually and allocate its key stats. Through this, just by looking the statistics window you’ll get the real skill of a person. No more “deep analysis” from now. Everything is very simple and pretty effective. Join Plink - get more fun from the game. 5 days ago

Technologies are developing very fast these days. When some tool appears – people worldwide start looking for its usage. Blockchain is not an exception. Due to CRYCASH Ecosystem features it’s possible to inject this technology into gaming. Is there any purpose for that? Yes, there is. Secured direct payments while purchasing in-game goods and services are doable thanks to Peer-2-Peer technology. You won’t face with hidden fees set up by intermediaries – everything is clear and fixed. Also it became possible to introduce BUYBACK feature which takes ecosystem stability to a whole new level. BUYBACK will benefit as a service which keeps CRYCASH token’s volume and price constantly growing. We are aimed to take all the blockchain pro sides bringing them to improve your gaming experience. Join CRYCASH – be in lockstep with new technologies! 6 days ago 7 days ago

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