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Dedicated cryptocurrency for gamers and developers

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Symbol CRC
Token sale opening date

14. Dec 2017

a month ago

Token sale closing date

31. Jan 2018

in 10 days


CRYCASH is a cryptocurrency that satisfies all needs of gamers and game developers with its Ecosystem of custom-tailored services: Plink, a dedicated mobile application where players can monetize their game time, communicate and collaborate; a marketplace for in-game assets and services; Cyber Sport platform for eSports betting and events; and an Advertising Platform for game developers. CRYCASH has already confirmed integration into the world-popular bestsellers from Crytek, with more partners to come.

Articles and research

Crytek partners with Crycash to launch a 'cryptocurrency for gamers' | PC Gamer


Crytek First to Partner in New CRYCASH Cryptocurrency Launch | Crytek


Daily Glixel: Crytek Now Has Its Own Cryptocurrency | Rolling Stone


Crycash teams up with Crytek to create cryptocurrency for gamers | GamesBeat




Wachtang Budagaschwili - CEO

Daniel Tamas - CTO

Sandro Kvlividze - CPO

Michael Levin - CMO

Sally Shen - CBDO

Evgeniy Evgrafov - Lead Developer

Country of origin Germany


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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Game devs spend their budgets on Facebook ads, Google ads or CPA advertising but a high level of ad fraud makes tho… · 7 hours ago

Want to Join #CRYCASH ICO? Follow these short and simple instructions: · 2 days ago

Ever wanted to get crypto for your in-game achievements? Turn it into reality with #CRYCASH. The unique ecosystem w… · 2 days ago

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Tired of switching between apps while playing with your team? #PLINK brings gaming experience to a new level with in-app voice calls for your squad. Chat with your friends, find perfect teammates and talk with them while playing — all in one app! Want to test the Alpha? Contribute to 5 days ago

Gaming industry increases in figures adding almost 10% yearly. The huge growth in number of games and game devs leads to a constant race for players’ attention. Player acquisition costs are much higher than a few years ago and continue to grow. #CRYCASH is here to change the game! The Ecosystem offers developers unique products to effectively target their audience and cut user acquisition costs dramatically. Learn more @ 7 days ago

Yes, we are conquering the gaming universe and now thanks to Dave Thier, CRYCASH is mentioned in Forbes. Cryptocurrencies are going to change game experience. “If multiple games were to all of a sudden start using the same blockchain, gamers would be able to use the same money in different games, offering a great deal more flexibility than a system where every game has its own currency". That’s exactly what CRYCASH is here for! We’re determined to becoming the universal cryptocurrency for gamers by expanding our Ecosystem with new partnerships. We’re off to a good start with Crytek’s world-popular games! Read more about perspectives on cryptocurrency usage in gaming: 7 days ago

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