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TM-DTT DataTrading

Trading forecast by artificial intelligence

1. Feb 2018 - 22. Feb 2018

DataTrading is an innovative project in the world of trading and consulting, which provides a set of analytical and forecasting tools for trading in stock and crypto exchange markets and is completely based on artificial intelligence. There are many analytical and trading strategy services in the modern world. These revolutionary instruments will also be available to traders and the community so that they can develop their own models for forecasting markets. Trained models will be able to make a profit for each client of Data Trading: they can be used for trading as well as for selling to other market participants. The machine learning constructor will be easy to develop so that every client and even those without specialist education can use it. DataTrading service develops its own constructor of trading strategies and will also implement a full analytical tool for stock and cryptocurrency markets on neural networks.



Anton Vokrug - CEO

Alexander Gandzha - CTO

Li Yongjin - Lead Partner

Li YongGang - Lead Partner

Dmitry Tomchuk - Managing Partner

Lena Khlevnaya - Business Development

Yuliya Chashchina - Development of international relations partner

Eugene Potemskyi - Data scientist, investment analyst

Country of origin Ukraine


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