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DRP Dcorp

Derivatives Exchange powered by Ethereum

1. Jun 2017 - 29. Jun 2017

DCORP is autonomous, decentralized and democratic. An organization that exists on blockchain as a series of smart-contracts. DCORP manages its own token (DRP) and the Ether it holds. Anyone can join DCORP as shareholder or talented contributer, anonymously through their Ethereum account. The shareholders are the collective owners of DCORP and decide on the business financials. The Board of Directors manage DCORP on a day-to-day basis, are elected and publicly known. All voting behavior is stored on the blockchain and thus made public.

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Frank Bonnet - Founder and lead developer

Hansco Leek - Service Manager / Entrepreneur

Corben Leek - Entrepreneur / Systems Engineer

Arliw Neatprom - Software Engineer

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Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)