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DDD DropDeck

An incentivized, decentralized, intelligent platform optimized for cross-border business funding

21. Nov 2017 - 21. Dec 2017

DropDeck scores and ranks fundraising companies using an AI engine based all exhaustively all sources of data. By issuing tokens and deploying smart contracts, we can perfect an "incentive ecosystem" that unleash the full power of AI-human collaboration (which is the holy grail in the AI field), where everyone in the system is financially incentivized by the coded rules to not only contribute data to make the AI engine smarter over time, but also to collaborate in the best interests of everyone else, so that 1) all fundraising companies are as accurately scored and ranked as possible so that funders can put their money to optimal use, and 2) all participants in the funding value chain are financially incentivized to make sure funders get rewarded, so that the funders can keep funding and attracting more funders.



Anh (Alon) Vo - Chief Product Designer

Michael Phan - Chief Hacker

George Popescu - Chair of Advisor Board

Nizam Ismail - Chief Legal Counsel

Tomoyasu Tsushima - Japan Advisor

Yao Yuan - Blockchainer

Anik Dang - Advisor

Robert Allen - Fintech and Blockchain advisor

Nagu Thogiti - A.I. & Blockchain advisor

Ketki Sen - Fintech advisor

Hoang Nguyen - Tokensale and blockchain advisor

GheeHoe Cheng - Venture Capital Advisor

Patrick Mansfield - Adviser

Country of origin Singapore


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)