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Decentralized and incentivized network for distributing and monetizing video

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Symbol FLIXX
Token sale opening date

24. Oct 2017

a month ago

Token sale closing date

23. Nov 2017

in 4 days


Flixxo’s open community allows consumers and creators to discover new ways of producing and consuming video together. Short form is dominating digital storytelling, lower barriers to creation are catalysing the growth of producers. Flixx is Flixxo’s token. It is used by users to watch videos, by producers to monetize their work and incentivize the network, and by advertisers to pay for a moment of your attention.

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Alternative to YouTube Emerges with Flixxo Token Sale by Richard Kastelein on Blockchain News



Adrian Garelik

Pablo Carbajo

Federico Abad

Javier D ́Ovidio

Olha Rymar

Country of origin Gibraltar


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We have developed an economy, it means you can earn you token within the platform. · 18 days ago

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Social networks developed a sense of value called “Like”. But Likes economies fail as likes are unlimited. In these… · 19 hours ago

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"When monetization and distribution come from the consumers’ side, and not from advertisers and a centralized platf… · 2 days ago

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“Flixxo comes to disrupt the video industry by eliminating centralized services and intermediaries and thus maximizing the payouts towards the actual content producers who only get a small chunk of the total profits with the current model, and replacing annoying ads and ridiculously high video pricing tags with an as-low-as-it-gets, pay-per-view fee. Flixxo’s model saves time and money to the content viewers and tunnels profits to the actual content producers which allows them to create higher quality content, which in turn translates to even better value-for-money for the content viewers" said George Kimionis, CEO of Coinomi, who has also joined Flixxo advisory board! 4 days ago

Nice review from CryptoPortfolio! Sign up for the newsletter on our site for early details of ICO! And don't forget to subscribe for our socials Telegram: Twitter: Bitcointalk: 4 days ago

FLIXXO: A SWARM OF INDIVIDUALS CONNECTED To explore the nascent future of this industry Bitcoinist talked to Adrián Garelick, CEO of Flixxo. Adrián is the industry veteran, best known for having created RSK Labs. His new project, Flixxo, is a video sharing network, which employs distributed storage and BitTorrent protocol to store and share the content. 6 days ago

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