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HER Herdius

Next generation decentralised exchange platform

Herdius intends to build a highly performant decentralized financial platform. Using the latest innovation in distributed systems design, we are aiming to be the next-generation infrastructure for the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. Herdius’ infrastructure intends to be fully distributed, highly performant and secure. Their decentralized exchange facilitates trading of all digital assets - regardless of the underlying blockchain. Their exchange provides superior liquidity and user experience without middlemen and single points of failure, resulting in more security for you and your private keys. They aim to dramatically improve the user experience in the token economy. Herdius wants to enable users to transact assets between different chains in almost no time. Their efficient sidechain approach allows for fast & cheap transactions, regardless of the tokens’ underlying chain. Their mission is to build a highly scalable and performant architecture that is expected to significantly reduce the confirmation times. The Herdius system wants to provide a powerful, efficient and scalable backend for the emerging token economy.

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Balazs Deme - Founder & CEO

Jorgen Brandt - Senior Software Engineer

Thomas Euler - Ecosystem & Strategy

Soja Subhagar - Marketing Analyst

Albert Callarisa Roca - Senior Software Engineer

Rokas Budrauskas - Business Analyst

Carolin Beer - Software Engineer

Country of origin Germany


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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