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Javvy Crypto Solution

Comprehensive crypto solution to replace exchanges & wallets with a single, secure Javvy wallet

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Symbol JVY
Token sale opening date

1. Nov 2017

16 days ago

Token sale closing date

15. Nov 2017

2 days ago


Javvy is a secure, comprehensive crypto exchange with wallet solution (not web-based) that will support all expected operations for all major cryptocurrencies and tokens. It will earn revenue from buy/sell fees, conversion fees, international debit card fees, and merchant settlement fees. Users should not worry about finding or trusting unproven crypto exchanges, which are mostly web-based and insecure. They should simply be able to install the Javvy application and immediately begin buying, selling, managing, and using all major cryptocurrencies within a single, safe, and secure application. The early adopters will be crypto-savvy users, likely already using competing exchanges and wallets. Eventually, they will expand into mainstream markets, due to the ease-of-use of our solution that other exchanges and wallets have failed to provide --despite hundreds of millions invested and many years to do so.



Brandon Elliott - CEO

Nigel Waller - CFO

Tony Ogufere - COO

Frank Grogan - CMO

Yasitha Bogamuwa - CIO

Harley Grouette - Director of Human Resources

Andrey Verbin - Lead Developer

Andreas Pachler - Lead Developer

Dmitry Evdokimov - Senior Full-stack Developer

Duane Roumel - Lead Architect / QA

Michael Lu - Lead UX/UI Designer

Country of origin Cayman Islands


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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