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MZX Mosaic

Decentralized market intelligence network

Mosaic helps solve the problem of the lack of knowledge about crypto market and crypto assets by providing a decentralized market intelligence network with a user interface that we believe will be the main app —the gateway to the crypto world—where people get their research and data, discuss crypto, and manage their portfolios. Mosaic is helping fill the current void in reliable cryptoassets research, information, and knowledge by providing a market intelligence network that connects ideas, information, and people.The Mosaic’s market intelligence protocol provides a distributed, immutable, and transparent ledger of review history that can be utilized to evaluate over time the quality of research and accuracy of predictions produced by Analysts.



Alex Bradford - Co-Founder & Chairman

Dr. Garrick Hileman - Co-Founder & CEO & Head of Research

Alpkaan Celik - Chief Data Scientist

Dr. David Horning, CFA - Chief Financial Officer

Ben Fisch - Architect

Dr. Greg Wientjes - Software Developer

Bryan Lemster - Software Developer

Andrey Gubar - Software Developer

Zafar Gilani - Chief Data ArchitectI

hor Pidruchny - Software Developer

Andrew Zubko - Software Developer

Ilya Cernenko - Software Developer

Eugene Panasenko - Software Developer

Yury Smirnov - Design Lead

George Vasyagin - Design Director

James Larisch - Senior Blockchain Researcher

Simon Janin - Blockchain Researcher

Andy Yee - Senior Researcher

Andrew Hawley - Senior Analyst

Lanre Ige - Researcher

Dang Du - Researcher

Lauren Stephanian - Researcher

Jason Yannos - Researcher

Reid Tymcio - Researcher

Dustin Ares - Researcher

Dr. Ana Duek - Senior Researcher

Country of origin Cayman Islands


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)