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Decentralized domain eco-system

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Symbol NAT
Token sale opening date

2. Aug 2017

3 months ago

Token sale closing date

30. Sep 2017

2 months ago


Nametoken is currently building the first decentralized domain marketplace. Unlike other marketplaces we will eliminate the middle man using smart contracts. So domain buyers and sellers will have minimal fees. Other than that we will implement nametoken into the marketplace. That way users can earn tokens for using our app, buyers and sellers can use NAT for their transactions.



Frank Menze - Founder

Jens Peterssen - CEO & Cofounder

Sebastian Festor - IT/Development

Carina Neffin - Head of communications

Svetlana Brosowski - Customer Support

Christian Röber - Customer Support

Karl Schnürch - E-Commerce Expert & Strategic Advisor

Pamela Menze - Legal advisor

Christian Menze - Web developer

Steffen Fuchs - Asset manager

Alexander Raabe - Full stack developer

Volodymyr Lytvyniuk - International advisory

Soeren von Varchmin - Domain expert

Country of origin Seychelles


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Nametoken – The Smartest ICO to Invest In #ico #invest #nametoken #crowdfunding #domains · 2 months ago

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Updates from Nametoken a month ago

Last day of our ICO has started. Special Offer: get 300% Bonus! 1. Visit and either send ETH directly or fill out the calculator 2. Send us your Coins to the address we display on our site 3. Contact me ( I will check your transaction personally and send you the bonus afterwards to your ETH address. This is the last chance to receive NAT (Nametokens) - so don't miss it. 2 months ago

Nametoken – The Smartest ICO to Invest In #nametoken #invest #ico #bitcoin #ethereum #crowdfunding #domains 2 months ago

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