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Blockchain-powered platform to democratise the utility of video-games economy

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Symbol NOX
Token sale opening date

1. Dec 2017

11 days ago

Token sale closing date

26. Dec 2017

in 13 days


NITRO is a new blockchain-based platform designed to democratise and revolutionise the video-games industry through the creation of a new crypto-currency called NOX and an integrated online marketplace called NITRO Marketplace.NITRO is a global platform that empowers anyone to partake in the video-games economy. NITRO is the blockchain-based crypto-currency project in the world backed by a credible publicly listed company – ASX-listed iCandy Interactive Limited (ASX:ICI). As such, unlike other crowdsales out there, iCandy has the imperative to carry out what is promised, and to build the platform, due to reputational risk.



Kin-Wai Lau - Director

Gerald Tock - Director

Phillip Lord - Director

Jason Giambona - Director

Nikita Sachdev - Head of communications

Yelena V.Sedykh - Director of partnership

Douglas Gan - Entrepreneur-In-Residence

Evgeniy Arhipov - Chief Blockchain Developer

Ilnur Galiev - Blockchain Developer

Kair Kozhaly - Head Of Russian Community Management

Simon Breedon - Head Of Digital Marketing

Larry Gan - Advisor

Hans De Back - Advisor

Konstantin Gorozhankin - Advisor

BB Fund by Life.Sreda - Advisor & Early Stage Investor

Country of origin British Virgin Islands


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Most credible video-game cryptocurrency project, one of the hottest crytpo tokens in the market coming to you real soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can subscribe to our mailing list on OR join us on our telegram group to get the latest updates! :) a month ago

NITRO - 기존의 수상 경력이 있는 비즈니스를 기반으로 한 가장 신뢰할 수있는 비디오 게임 크립토커런시 프로젝트. Http:// a month ago

NITROはビデオゲームに関連した新しい暗号暗号化プロジェクトです。 これはICO市場でのユニークなプロジェクトであります。 なぜなら、著名な機関投資家(iCandy Interactive Ltd、ASX:ICI)と既存の関連事業を有する上場企業の支援を受けているからです。 NITROは長年にわたり稼働しており、2,300万人のスマートフォンユーザーを擁するゲーム事業の成功を受け、ビデオゲームの経済を象徴するプロジェクトです。 この提案は、他のICOプロジェクトと比較して、事業計画の実行のリスクを大幅に削減します。 a month ago

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