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Noia Network
Noia Network

NOIA Noia Network

Decentralized Content Delivery Network

NOIA is a widely distributed and decentralized layer of the internet’s infrastructure. Empowered by blockchain technology and AI it enables everyone to supply their unused storage and bandwidth to optimize the way the Internet functions.



Miao Zhicheng - NOIA architect & blockchain developer

Domas Povilauskas - Co-founder & Business

Virginijus Magelinskas - CDN architect

Kipras Kazlauskas - Co-founder & Investments

Domantas Jaskunas - Co-founder & Operations

Jonas Simanavicius - CTO

Justinas Valutavicius - Co-founder & Senior CSL developer

Anatoly Ressin - Blockchain advisor

Danielius Dvareckas - Junior CSL developer

Vytautas Jurenas - Quant developer

Nojus Liepis - Community manager

Ieva Stonyte - Social media manager

Mindaugas Rimavicius - Communications manager

Estella Truchova - Graphic designer

Adomas Baltagalvis - Marketing specialist

Vytas Pacas - Communications facilitator

James D. Robinson - Advisor

Tadas Langaitis - Tokenomics Advisor

Mirza Uddin - Investments Advisor

Francesco Altomare - CDN Advisor

Ali Kassab: Advisor

Daniel Hulme - Advisor

Marc X. Ellul - Advisor

Country of origin Gibraltar


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