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Omega One
Omega One

OMT Omega One

A decentralized, automated trade execution platform

A secure, efficient, decentralized and digitally native global financial system is being born on the blockchain. It will restructure global power dynamics and fundamentally impact tomorrow’s world. Their mission is to facilitate the birth of this new financial system and to shape it for the common good. By solving the problem of creating scarcity in a purely digital space without the need for centralized power to create trust and security, the blockchain has enabled a decentralized market of value which will automate most functions of the financial industry in more transparent, efficient and secure ways. Omega One is building out the investment architecture of these natively digital asset markets, improving their viability as a foundation for the new financial system and helping to shape that emerging system toward better societal outcomes.



Alan Keegan - CEO

Alex Gordon-Brander - CTO

Mark David Bakacs - Chief Strategy Officer

Jon West - Chief Trading Officer

Ron Garrett - Advisors, Operations

Amanda Gutterman - Chief Marketing Officer

Rick Dudley - Blockchain architect

Karl Floersch - Smart Contract Engineer

Megan Knab - Operations Lead

Max Novendstern - Finance Lead

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