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31. Jul 2017

22 days ago

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30. Aug 2017

in 7 days


Zen is an application and a decentralised network. Zen is a semi-closed decentralized social network, a search engine and a repository of information.



Ilya DruzhininCEO and software engineer

Alexandr Vinarskiy - Software engineer

Dima Himi - UI\UX expert

Ilya Bogdanov - Software engineer

Bogdan Popov - Community manager

Irina Druzhinina - Financial analyst

Country of origin Russia


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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A little bit about Decentralized Autonomous Society. · a day ago

17/08/2017 — News About the #openZen project · 5 days ago

The New Milestone of the Internet · a month ago

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A little bit about Decentralized Autonomous Society — Steemit · 11 hours ago

I just published “A little bit about Decentralized Autonomous Society.” · a day ago

We just published “A little bit about Decentralized Autonomous Society.” #blockchain #cryptoeconomics #openZen · 4 days ago

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One Sentence Pitch about #openZen: Desktop application which is an alternative to well-known browsers and to the concept of a ‘web’ as a whole for Decentralized Autonomous Society. a day ago

A little bit about Decentralized Autonomous Society. DAS is the revolution happening at the very moment. Revolution is the exact word. If someone does not agree – you can justify it, if you can. As for me, that’s exactly it. But it turns out that this topic is being actively studied now. I’m studying it as well and watching the development of cryptoeconomics. It is not a DAO, it’s a Society that is not associated with a specific organization, government or state. It’s a parallel reality where the role of government decreases and the control of all the processes passes directly to the participants. Some people may think it’s a utopia. But in the early 20th century nobody could imagine reformations, #political #revolutions and the information explosion that happened a bit later. Same for a Decentralized Autonomous Society now. It’s only at the beginning of its development but it’s the future. I wanted to write an article on this topic and I will do it later, but for now I would like to turn your attention to a one very interesting article called ‘The Real World and the #Decentralized #Autonomous #Society’. I advise you to read it. The link is in the comments. The world is going to change soon but not due to creating chat-bots, augmented reality or some questionable blockchain projects (like wallet). The world will change due to different approaches to dealing with information, different approaches to information flows and distributed systems. They will change the ways of our interaction and communication, not the need for goods and services. Email subscribtion to news about DAS: #DAS #blockchain #DecentralizedAutonomousSociety #cryptoeconomics #Distributed #Decentralized #openZen #Rothbard 4 days ago

Hello everyone! It’s been two weeks since the beginning of our Pre ICO. At the moment, the results are not very impressive. Without spending money on marketing and advertising our Pre ICO becomes invisible among the many others. But we are not planning to give up. We have been going to this project too long to simply give up. Moreover, we need investors who understand the project and understand how it may change the world and change the rules of the game. Read more... #blockchain #preICO #ICO #openZen 5 days ago

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