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Desktop application as an alternative to browser

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Zen is an application and a decentralised network. Zen is a semi-closed decentralized social network, a search engine and a repository of information.



Ilya DruzhininCEO and software engineer

Alexandr Vinarskiy - Software engineer

Dima Himi - UI\UX expert

Ilya Bogdanov - Software engineer

Bogdan Popov - Community manager

Irina Druzhinina - Financial analyst

Country of origin Russia


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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Pre ICO has successfully finished! · 6 months ago

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I just published “Pre ICO has successfully finished!” · 6 months ago

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Pre ICO has successfully finished! Hello everyone! Pre ICO has successfully finished! We managed to achieve our goals! Not all of them, but it doesn’t really matter now. During this month we have gathered a lot of feedback on the project, conditions of ICO and much more. Here is the most important news! Our team is growing! UI specialists and designers have joined us. It’s very important for us since our project is a real challenge in the interface. In details, we’re changing the Internet and it’s interface as a whole! Also we’ve been in touch with a few investors who are willing to invest money at ICO, thus at the moment we’re working on terms and conditions for large-scale investments. Increasing amount of followers People are interested in our project. During the month of Pre ICO we got thousands of followers who are interested in our project and are looking forward to the detailed information about it. Many of them suggested their ideas and shared their opinions with us. What about the collection of ETH? Public collection of money didn’t show an impressive result but there are a few investors with interest in our project. Some of them, in exchange for our tokens, have decided to join the project and support it. Thus we are happy to announce that we are getting ready to start our ICO! To everyone who supported the project Everyone who sent ETH to our address( 0x00f18dBB7696132323754c3F69ac29c3261Abfc7) will get their ETH back + a bonus for their trust and interest in the project. Unfortunately we don’t know who sent the ETH and how interested they are in our project but we’ve decided that it’s the right way to return their ETH since we haven’t reach our goal at getting the soft cap. Your trust is very important to us. If you are planning to continue supporting us, you can resend ETH to a new address: 0x00F14ea9136f4F64aA0863Dd42cad065Fe23fae1 We have special conditions for our early adopters: 1000 ZenTokens per 1 ETH. You can get our tokens immediately. This address will be working until the ICO stage. And also to subscribe to our newsletter: Unsolved problems There are a lot of different ICO and advertising of other projects, thus our project is not visible among all this information noise. So, if you’re reading this message, share it with your friends, tell them about the project, how serious it is and how it can change the Internet. It’s better than any advertising. Your participation influences the success of the project! What’s next? As we have planned, we are getting ready to start ICO very soon. From this moment until the beginning of ICO we will continue our pre sale at the previous conditions: 1 ETH = 1000 ZenTokens. At the ICO the cost will be different: 1 ETH = 500 ZenTokens. Good luck to everyone and let’s change the Internet! 6 months ago

Pre ICO has successfully finished! What’s next? Read More... #blockchain #openZen #ico #ethereum 6 months ago

One Sentence Pitch about #openZen: Desktop application which is an alternative to well-known browsers and to the concept of a ‘web’ as a whole for Decentralized Autonomous Society. 6 months ago

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