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Proof Suite

Decentralized Certainty for Investments and Anonymous Participant Accountability

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Symbol PRFT
Token sale opening date

1. Nov 2017

17 days ago

Token sale closing date

1. Dec 2017

in 12 days


Proof is automated mission control for blockchain-enabled markets. Proof is introducing a censorship-resistant desktop and web application leveraging the Assurance Market Protocol (AMP) for trading real-world and crypto assets via the Ethereum blockchain. Proof currently serves 10,000 users who rely on Proof to trade tokenized property, company shares and intellectual property on the blockchain. Proof token holders gain commissions from equity prediction market revenue and crypto-fiat (USD & Euro) purchases. Crypto-fiat is stored in smart contracts that are AMP-compliant to provide lower volatility to investors leveraging blockchain technology to invest in real-world assets in a trustless fashion.

Articles and research

Coin Interview with Proof Co-Founder Mike De'Shazer - YouTube




Mike De'Shazer - CEO

Tai Kersten - CTO

David Van Isacker - CIO

Leon Song - Communications Manager

Phillip Jun - Director of Partnerships

Jason Holmes - Head of Consumer Acquisition

Eunseo Kim - Office manager

Tobias Disse - Strategist

Country of origin South Korea


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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