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Global property Store with Decentralized Title Registry

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Symbol PRO
Token sale opening date

15. Aug 2017

5 months ago

Token sale closing date

15. Sep 2017

4 months ago


Propy has been building a decentralized, global property store. This online store will rely on Propy Registry, built on ethereum blockchain to track global real estate ownership, as well as PRO, a utility token to enable the development of a thriving, self-sustaining ecosystem around this database and token holders.

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Nataila Karayaneva - CEO

Andrey Zamovskiy - Chief Blockchain Architect

Alex Voloshyn - CTO

Maria Angelova - CFO

Country of origin USA


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The advent of Blockchain solutions removes the need for third party intermediaries to establish and maintain trust in transactions. Trust is a basic component required for facilitating successful transactions between parties. This has been valid for a long time immemorial where parties to transactions have had to rely on third party components to provide the much needed trust to enable efficient transaction to take effect. Blockchain distributed ledger technology offers the best approach and most advanced solution to enabling trust in transactions by removing the need for centralized trusted entity and replacing it with a decentralised trust network that is secure, transparent, immutable and more efficient. As of late, a few countries have begun a procedure of moving to the Blockchain things like identity registries, land and title registries. Henceforth, the global expansion of Blockchain solutions for title registration and documentation. Blockchain-based start-ups like Propy is already taking the lead in this direction. Starting with Ukraine, California, Vermont, USA and Dubai, Propy have already begun the process of engaging local and state governments of different jurisdiction for the adoption of Decentralised Title Registry built on top the Blockchain. This is only the beginning of a greater change and the concept is becoming a reality with a recent transaction of $60,000 worth apartment sold over the Propy platform. The property which is situate in Ukraine was purchased by a buyer who lives in the USA. Moreso, with a platform like Propy, many prospective investors or buyers have the advantage of buying residential properties or commercial real estates using their smartphones. Gradually coming to an end is the period of time where prospects have to pay a higher percentage of sale price to intermediaries who deals with different forms of documentation and paperworks. The Propy Global Property Store offers a decentralized application (DApp) that enormously diminishes the need for various intermediaries in real estate transactions, thus influencing transactions to be less expensive and more efficient. 2 months ago

Great article. Thank you for mentioning us 2 months ago

Do you agree that the global real estate investment market needs a secure, transparent, fraud free, and decentralised data management system that will enable Investors, Buyers, Sellers, Brokers and all other participants to transact in a highly efficient and effective means? Propy intends to simplify and enable highly efficient real estate sale and acquisition process for both Sellers and Buyers by using Blockchain Technology. The Propy App is live now and running currently on Apple iPhone iOS (while the Android version is in an advanced stage of development to be released soon) accessible to users globally. Also in development, is the DApp (Decentralised Application) that will run on the Ethereum Blockchain. On the DApp, Investors and Buyers can purchase real estate assets and properties online by establishing connection with Brokers, Agents and Developers. Transaction takes place and the deal is consummated vide the Ethereum SMART CONTRACT where parties and participants involved are able to consent and sign off contracts and agreements with Digital Signatures. Once the terms and conditions of contracts are met, a smart contract triggers the payment system for Buyers to pay in cryptocurrencies (or fiats). Smart Contract accept the payment and transfer ownership to the new owner with an electronic Title generated on the Propy Registry. The PRO tokens are used to unlock smart contract for Title transfer on the Propy Registry. This is a brief review of the Propy DApp concept and how it intends to simplify and make more efficient global real estate transactions online. You can visit the website to download and study the Whitepaper/Roadmap to learn more about the concept and implementation process. 3 months ago

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