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Robomed Network

Connecting patients and healthcare providers with smart contracts

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Symbol RBM
Token sale opening date

20. Nov 2017

6 months ago

Token sale closing date

20. Dec 2017

5 months ago


Robomed Network issues its own tokens to support smart contract between healthcare providers and patients. RBM smart medical contract elevates service value by granting its owner full accomplishment of clinical guidelines for specific case by healthcare provider. Robomed clinical guidelines are subject to constant improvement by the professional medical community, motivated for higher goals and bonuses by Robomed Network.

Articles and research

Robomed: Improving Healthcare with Blockchain Technology


Robomed Network Looks to Disrupt Medical Industry with New Smart Contracts | Finance Magnates


Addressing Healthcare Inefficiencies and Costs Through Robomed Network ...




William Peckham - Business Strategy Development

Jean-Elie Malkin: Medical Director

Philipp Mironovich - Co-founder

Andreas Kumbroch: CTO

Caroline Maslo - Medical Expert

Ivan Devyatkov - Co-founder

Vasily Kuznetsov - Marketing & Events

Maria Agranovskaya - Legal

Country of origin Russia


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“Robomed Network represents one of the early decentralized platforms that mark a new era of the intersection betwee… · 13 days ago

How is blockchain disrupting health and wellness? “Blockchain-based smart contracts are used for focusing on patie… · 22 days ago

“Robomed Network represents one of the early platforms that mark a new era of the intersection between blockchain t… · a month ago

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Robomed Network: Frequently Asked Questions You probably know that Robomed Network is a decentralized medical network connecting healthcare service providers and patients. Based on a smart contract and supported by RBM tokens, Robomed is designed to provide the most effective medical care and both patients and clinics satisfaction from all over the world. Still have any questions regarding Robomed Network? We are glad to tell you more! What: Send a question with whatever issue in our project interests you most Where: Subject: Ask Robomed When: starting from right away until May 21st, 2018. We will gather the most actual and interesting or even intriguing questions to be answered by the Robomed Network lead Philipp Mironovich and other members of our team. Stay tuned! #robomed #robomednetwork #healthcare #medicine #faq 12 days ago

AI and blockchain will counteract unsustainability of soaring drug prices The role of Robomed Network in increasing capacity to delve into big data, identify patterns, and generate algorithms to explain them was examined in an article published by APBN (Asia Pacific Biotech News) magazine. The text refers to the worlds of Valentina Gburcik, PhD, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease Director at GlobalData. “Robomed Network represents one of the early decentralized platforms that mark a new era of the intersection between blockchain and the healthcare space. It provides cost-effective medical care through its smart contract, a digital token system of healthcare service providers and patients”. Read more at #robomed #robomednetwork #blockchain #medicine #healthcare #apbn 13 days ago

How is blockchain disrupting health and wellness? Robomed Network is the first in line in the list of examples how exactly blockchain is changing healthcare published at Open Access Government portal. “Blockchain-based smart contracts are used for focusing on patient outcomes. The patient pays for the result and not for the medical process (Robomed Network)” – the text accents. The full article is available at #robomed #robomednetwork #blockchain #healthcare #medicine 22 days ago

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