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Symbol SVD
Token sale opening date

12. Jan 2018

2 months ago

Token sale closing date

9. Mar 2018

11 days ago


savedroid democratizes cryptocurrencies: savedroid creates a unique AI-fueled ecosystem of crypto saving and investing for the masses. Users profit from easy access to smart Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, IOTA, Dash, etc. savings plans, and superior crypto investment opportunities, such as portfolios, futures, and ICOs, without any technological adoption barriers. savedroid leverages its existing core assets of self-learning AI technology and great User Experience, based on maximum simplification and emotional gamification, to deliver this exceptional value proposition. We are the 1st German ICO driving crypto inclusion. Join us in making the crypto world accessible for the masses. Give power to the people!



Marco Trautmann - Founder & COO

Yassin Hankir - Founder & CEO

Tobias Zander - Founder & CTO

Michael Fehse - Chief Data Officer

Jan Gabriel Pleser - CMO

Matthew Kirschnick - Senior Product Owner

Sebastian Hoffmann - Smart Contract Developer

Patrick Täufer - Mobile Developer

Patrick Gotta - UX Designer

Lennart Czienskowski - UX Designer

Michaela Wenner - Art Director

Alla Brodski-Guerniero - Data Scientist

Gautam Kumar Pramanik - Data Scientist

Lucien Tavano - Vice President Internationalisation

Alexandra Hofmann - Head of Business Development & HR

Lydia Witzmann - Digital Marketing Manager

Sina Reubelt - Blockchain Partner Management

Parna Youssufzay - Customer Service

Stefan Telin - Customer Service

Country of origin Germany


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🇨🇭MEET SAVEDROID IN ZURICH🇨🇭 Meet our CEO Dr. @YassinHankir tomorrow, March 20, at #Finance20 in Zurich. He is one… · 11 hours ago

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🇨🇭MEET SAVEDROID IN ZURICH🇨🇭 Meet our CEO Dr. Yassin Hankir tomorrow, March 20, at the Finance 2.0 conference in Zurich. He is one of the speakers in the discussion about 'ICO: A bubble or the future of funding?' More about the conference: #fintech #ICO #savedroidICO #zurich 11 hours ago

NEUE HERAUSFORDERUNG GESUCHT? Liebe #Zalando Marketing-Experten, seid nicht traurig. Kommt lieber nach #FFM und versucht es mal mit #GrüneSoße & #Äppler statt #Quinoa & #Mate! Obendrauf packen wir noch ein paar spannende Marketing-Jobs. Checkt mal 3 days ago

🔥 MEET US IN BERLIN 🔥 Meet our CTO Tobias Zander at ETAGE 15 – LEGAL SHOP TALKS MEETS TECH at 22nd of March in Berlin, where he will talk about our ICO. Read more here: #crypto #ICO #blockchain #savedroidICO #berlin 4 days ago

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