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Technological platform created for cryptotrading democratisation and development

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Symbol SMQ
Token sale opening date

25. Jan 2018

4 months ago

Token sale closing date

8. Mar 2018

2 months ago


Simdaq launches crowdfund for the technological platform created for cryptotrading democratisation and development. A set of tools for mastering trading strategies: training on historical data, framework for trading robots development and backtesting, space for sharing experience with others. Simdaq was created for the community, so to ensure coverage and improve the stability of system SMQ tockens will be released on dual blockchain — Ethereum and Waves. Tokens issued on Waves and Ethereum can be exchanged at any time at 1: 1 rate.

Articles and research

Simdaq crowdsale: democratisation of crypto trading – Waves Community


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Evgenii Dubovoi - Partner & Product and Management

Vladimir Levitin - Partner & Marketing and User Engagement

Alexander Usikov - Lead software developer

Saveliy Bobov - UX and Art Direction

Evgeny Levitin - Analytics

Yaroslav Levichev - Community and partnership

Country of origin Russia


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🙌 If you need any help with the token transfer or you face any kind of troubles, please, feel free to send us a mes… · 3 months ago

🌐 Project updates: due to the #cryptomarket fluctuations the launch on #Tidex will be postponed to the mid-end Marc… · 3 months ago

🔹 #Simdaq Simulator maximises benefits of each training session as it saves all taken actions. As a result, you can… · 3 months ago

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For Russian speakers: SIMDAQ запустит первый маркетплейс для трейдеров на основе смарт-контрактов Waves #simdaq #waves #трейдинг #криптовалюты 20 hours ago

Latest news of SIMDAQ project development in May report: - First integration test passed successfully; - Started to develop a frontend; - Started market making with LiquidWave service from Waves; - Steps to pass the listing on Coinmarketcap. 11 days ago

We congratulate Waves Platform for the launch of first iteration of #SmartContracts! 17 days ago

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