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A blockchain-powered ecosystem for the influencer economy

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4. Jul 2018

in 16 days

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4. Aug 2018

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Starflow is a digital entertainment platform, whose purpose is to maximize income for content creators, follower experience and brand reach, designed for consumers to come closer to their favorite creators and topics with a better experience and for other users to share their interests. They provide an ecosystem and infrastructure with the mission to empower the man in the new distributed digital economy, released as an integrated blockchain platform, network and stand alone scalable DApps for entire influencer economy, including controlling your own data, monetizing your content and cutting out unnecessary middlemen. Targeting initially top tier creators and backed by large user growth pool concept.

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David Gabor - CEO

Ludvig Eriksson - COO

Johan Sellström - Technical advisor

Johan Steel von Holstein - Advisor

Country of origin Singapore


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Influencer Marketing: Can It Work For You? It seems one of the biggest buzzwords in digital marketing today is “influencer marketing.” But what is it and how can it work for you? Influencer marketing is essentially the process of working with influential people or personas online to promote or share information about your products and services via social media and/or blogs. Sometimes the influencer is a well-known celebrity and other times, the influencer is well known in his or her niche, like pets, cooking or gaming. Still other times, the “influencers” are those who love the brand most and are already touting the brand without any sort of formal agreement. Marketers clamor for influencer endorsements because it’s a great way to engage an audience outside of your own but one that aligns with your customer. While it seems fairly simple – you pay an influential person to promote you – there are some critical areas you need to be sure you are addressing to get your return on your investment. Make sure your campaign has goals. Your goals can be things like brand awareness, engagement, clicks or new fans or followers. The goals should be quantitative so they’re easy to measure. Make sure you are choosing the right influencer. Just because someone has one million Instagram followers doesn’t mean they’ll be a good choice for your brand. Use good solid marketing principles and make sure their followers match your customer base. Be sure your influencer has high quality content and engages with his or her followers. Engaged influencers typically have the most impact when it comes to recommendations. Remember it’s not an ad. Influencer marketing needs to be a conversation between the influencer and their audience, not a glaring promotion of your products or services. Work with the influencer to come up with something that seems natural in the context of their relationship with their followers. Here are some examples of solid influencer marketing campaigns that have taken place recently: Brand: Fiji Water Influencer: Danielle Bernstein Fiji Water partnered with Danielle Bernstein, the popular blogger at We Wore What, to create Bodyworewhat, an influencer campaign that offered short workout videos with Bernstein and personal trainer Eric Johnson. The obvious accompaniment to a workout? Fiji Water. Brand: Halo Pet Food Influencer: Lil Bub Sometimes the influencer can be, yes, a cat. Lil Bub has a huge social media following so it’s only natural that a cat could influence her followers to learn more about a certain pet food brand. Halo Pet Food leveraged Lil Bub’s relationship with her followers on Facebook and Instagram to tout the food’s natural ingredients. Brand: Estee Lauder Influencer: Kendall Jenner Estee Lauder has been around for ages. When they decided they needed to reach a younger audience, they tapped Kendall Jenner, with 83.8 million Instagram followers. Now she shows up in their branding and promotes them at the same time. Brand: Sperry Influencers: Sperry Enthusiasts Sometimes your influencers can be your best fans. Sperry worked with 100 micro-influencers on Instagram who were already sharing fan content to create more engaging content for its followers, proving real people can be influencers too! Brand: Stride Gum Influencer: DJ Khaled DJ Khaled is big (huge!) on Snapchat, with his snaps typically drawing an average of 3 million views. He regularly participates in "Snapchat takeovers," where Khaled takes over a brand’s page for a short period of time, like he did with Stride Gum to promote its "Mad Intense Gum" campaign. His followers loved it and so did Stride Gum. These campaigns are great examples of how brands are tapping into those famous and not-so-famous people with large followings to spread the word about products or services. Whether you have a big celebrity budget or just enough to engage a smaller influencer in your niche, influencer campaigns are a great part of today’s digital marketing mix. 2 months ago

The (road)show must go on! Next week we are participating at events in Dubai and London where we continue our ICO roadshow. We are also hosting several investor dinners during the week. We look forward to meeting new investors that want to join us on our mission to build the first ecosystem for the influencer economy. Starflow aims to bring all parties involved in the influencer economy together with the goal to empower the true content creators. I joined Starflow just recently. With my extensive background in investing I bring experience to the team and my mission is to oversee the building of timely and continuous communication channels with current and potential investors. I was asked a few questions below that might be of interest for our community and give you a sense of who I am. How did you get in touch with Starflow? “I first heard about Starflow through a former colleague and friend of mine that explained the story and what they were doing. This was months before Starflow launched their Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Initially I wasn’t interested because I misunderstood the whole idea behind the company and I saw it as just another social-media platform. After doing some research about Starflow though, I realized I had been wrong and way to narrow-minded in my initial dismissal. I decided to participate in its ICO and after meeting with the founder of the company, David Gabor, I got the opportunity to get involved with the company as their IRO. Why did you join the company? “In my previous role as a portfolio manager, I learned to spot early industry shifts. In my view, the ad-industry is undergoing such an industry shift that is very favorable for the influencer economy (imbedded ads in the content). Since Starflow is developing a platform that will simplify exposure to the influencer economy I thought the company had a solid business case. The company is building its platform based on the blockchain technology. For me it is as simple as the process management aspect that the blockchain technology brings. The blockchain technology short circuits the time and money that it would take us to build our platform on a global base. The technology and the STAR token that invigorates the platform, simply put, bring more transparency and security to the users. It costs less money and takes less time to gain the traction that is needed. The company was lacking an investor relations function and I wanted to help and be a part of Starflow’s journey.” What do you look forward to? “I believe that communication between Starflow and its investors is crucial and in the long run benefits all parties involved. I want to build confidence in Starflow and the STAR token. My mission is also to give investors an unbiased view of what it is going on inside the company. In my experience everything is about managing expectations and honest communication. My goal is not only to communicate on Starflow’s progress but also to educate people about the influencer economy, the blockchain technology and the crypto asset-class.” Where do you see the “crypto industry” in ten years? “The concept “crypto industry” is too wide to discuss in this format and no-one knows how it will evolve. But I joined Starflow because I believe in the company’s product and mission, which is to decentralize the influencer economy. This will primarily benefit content creators and consumers. Starflow’s mission is facilitated by using blockchain technology and by introducing the STAR token to invigorate the platform.” “One problem I see today with the “crypto industry” is that there are so many tokens out there and that most of them are just being used for trading. Starflow stands as a stark contrast to such pure speculative tokens because it is an operational company with an existing product. The whole infrastructure is only months away from being launched. We need to deploy our tokens in our user base asap. These are users that previously didn’t know anything about the crypto asset-class that now will enjoy benefits of having a blockchain operated application. It is amazing how companies today, from all over the world, can create new and disruptive ecosystems through crowd-sourcing, which ICOs basically are. This means that individuals can fund/participate in a project that would have previously not been possible. The “crypto-industry” is growing and evolving every day.” See you in Dubai and London and stay tuned for some exciting news during next week. Have a nice weekend, Anelis Redzic Investor Relations Officer Starflow 2 months ago

How Virgil Abloh & Off-white has become one of the strongest brands in the world through influencer marketing ------------------------------------------------------------ Influencer marketing is the hot topic of today's marketing agencies and there are countless companies and brands who have bloomed in their industries thanks to this form of advertisement. Off-white is an excellent example of how influencer marketing can turn out extremely successful when done right. Virgil Abloh, founder and designer of off-white marketed the brand in a way in which owners of their pieces don’t represent Off-white but rather they represent the brand ambassadors that have been seen wearing off-white whether that is Virgil Abloh himself, Kanye West or Skepta. By dressing these influencers in his clothing and allowing them to repost their outfits on social media he created a strong connection to the followers of these celebrities. Today Off-white has 3.2 million followers on Instagram and Virgil has become one of the most influential people in fashion if not the most influential now being announced as head of menswear for Louis Vuitton. Virgil Abloh has been a genius of sorts when it comes to influencer marketing and off-white is not the first project he has done this with. In 2009, before Instagram was even being used, he created a brand known as Pyrex Vision that shared a very similar style to Off-white and created a die-hard following base simply though Tumblr. Large Tumblr pages would repost his clothing and bloggers would wear and review them. The brand quickly gained a lot of hype and before leaving the brand to create Off-white Virgil had received a very large following on Tumblr. Using social media influencers in your marketing is allowing brands to build solid relationships with their targeted consumer group. Influencer marketing through social media is a fairly new phenomenon but it is definitely here to stay and Starflow is going to be here to ease the way for the brands, consumers and the influencers to interact. 2 months ago

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