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The Divi Project

DIVX The Divi Project

A User-Friendly Cryptocurrency

27. Oct 2017 - 23. Nov 2017

The Divi Project is built on a new custom blockchain that stores names and metadata along with transactions. Because of these improvements, our user interface is far easier and simpler to learn and use than any other cryptocurrency, allowing us to bring crypto to billions of average, ordinary users. Based on a new type of masternode system with many levels, holders of DIVI coins participate in maintaining the network to earn more. They are also creating a marketplace of goods and services that can be purchased with them. The start and end dates of the token sale depend on the Ethereum block time, so check the website for any updates to these dates

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Michael Greenwood - UIX designer & program manager

Geoff McCabe - Leadership & Business management

Nick Saponaro - Full Stack developer & programmer

Zafar Mohammed - Blockchain Expert, Full Stack Developer, C++

Phil Eggen - Lead Programmer

Kelsey Matheson - Entrepreneur, Coach, Mom

Kalani Mo'e - Creative Marketing Director

Maxwell O'Brien - Lead Strategist

Toni Lane Casserly - Advisor

Heidi Krupp - Advisor

Tim Sanders - Advisor

Ramez Naam - Advisor

Country of origin Nevis


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