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Connects physical and digital

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Symbol WABI
Token sale opening date

28. Nov 2017

14 days ago

Token sale closing date

28. Jan 2018

in 1 months


RFID based labels that can link blockchain with physical objects. Solving the fakes problem in China. Technology already developed and commercially deployed, looking to scale now.



Alexander Busarov - Сo-founder and CEO

Yaroslav Belinskiy - Co-founder

Arthur Pinchuk - IT lead

Chi-Tung Pan - Sales lead & project manager

Dmitry Korzhik - Blockchain lead

Ju Fang - Customer service manager

Kitty Xu - Marketing Director

Wouter - Community manager

Roman Tronenko - Mobile lead/ blockchain architect

Danjie Hu - Project manager

Country of origin Singapore


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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We'll enable WaBi transferability tonight at 9 p.m. Singapore time. That is 12th December 9 p.m. Singapore time, 2… · 13 hours ago

Yes, we are on ED. Please stay safe and wait for an official announcement. Tokens are NOT transferable until Tuesda… · a day ago

Due to NDAs, we cannot comment on exchanges until we have definitive information on where we'll be listed. Hold tig… · a day ago

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Finished! WaBi ICO is sold out! WaBi tokens will be distributed within the next 7 days. We will communicated actively before, during and after the tokens distribution. Final caps for the ICO: Day 1 - 605 USD (2240 WaBI) Day 2 - 136 USD (544 WaBi) All will be reflected in the dashboard later today. There will likely be many fakes going around, please, DON'T fall for them! There are FAKE contracts on EtherDelta already, those are FAKE. 12 days ago

Day 2 cap is 200 USD (800 WaBi) and will be slowly reducing during the day. You don't need to have more than 200 USD Available for Day 2 to get the maximum of Day 2 allocation. 13 days ago

Dear All, It has been a long and eventful day for all of us. Our ‘well-hidden’ portal has been discovered early by the community, which led to some anxious contributors jumping the gun and sending funds too early. We have already announced that the penalty for them will be 1 Wabi each, which may not be that small of an amount, as some contributors who were missing 2 Wabis kept pointing out, which is fair enough. As many of you might have noticed, our humble community attracted quite a number of scamming scoundrels who tried and occasionally succeeded in defrauding our good people. Although we expect this activity to subside somewhat, we cannot emphasize strongly enough the need to stay prudent and vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the Admins whose telegram handles can be and must be checked in the pinned message especially when someone is trying to send you a personal message, claiming to be the admin. Our apologies for those having trouble with bitcoin balances not displaying properly in the dashboard. We wanted to reemphasize that if you can see the transaction on, then everything is fine. Please let us know your destination address and we’ll fix it for you. Now, to the meaty part: Out of the 46 M Wabis put on sale for the ICO we've already sold over 42.8m (93%) during day 1. There will be no day 3 since remaining balances are already enough to sell out twice over. The day 2 in itself is designed to maximise the spread of the tokens across the community. The maximum cap for day 2 will be revealed in the dashboard in a few minutes and will be reducing during the day as more funds come in. Please do not send any excessive amount of funds, since most of it will have to be refunded anyway. If you have followed our advice and sent day 1 cap + 30%, then you should be all set. Also, as usual there is no rush as day 2 will carry on for 24 hours. Again, thank you for being with us, and lets Wabi Wabi. 13 days ago

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