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TOG Zonafide

A Digital Wallet to Secure Activities

Zonafide is a Digital Wallet leveraging blockchain and collaboration technology to ensure a person's Activities are secure from fraud and cybercrime. An Activity could be a house purchase payment or changing credit limits with a bank. The Wallet makes these Activities more secure by empowering people to verify themselves using their social and professional network and the security features of the blockchain. The beta version of the Zonafide Wallet is already available on Android and iOS. Zonafide has a fully developed route to market ready to go operational. The first use case is with UK Local Governments that plan to respond to the public's use of Zonafide. First use will create initial demand and a proving ground from which other application economies can develop using the Zonafide Digital Wallet.



Paul Worrall - Founder & CTO

Salena Worrall - Co-Founder & CMO

Chris Hitchcott - Contributor & Advisor

Shaun Djie - Advisor

Bennett Arron - Ambassador

Paul Gordon - Advisor

Country of origin United Kingdom


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