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Metabase Network

META Metabase Network

A Scalable Blockchain Platform to Build and Monetise Next-Generation Businesses

4. Sep 2018 - 31. Jan 2019

Metabase is about to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges by cultivating the untapped ingenuity of makers and innovators around the world. Metabase provides an intuitive and easy to use toolset to build and monetize new businesses. From concept to launch founders can deliver new products and services quicker than ever before. Develop enterprise grade solutions that will help you grow your business. Metabase eliminates the difficulty and technological hurdles that are inherent in many blockchain platforms. Progressive organizations that embrace change, can use Metabase to reinvent themselves and create sustainable futures. Re-invent the competitive arena and developing game-changing applications that can power collaborative industry consortiums. Equip your emerging smart nation with a digital infrastructure that facilitates innovation and powers the evolving services and outcomes your citizens demand. Develop a blockchain infrastructure that enables industrial, private/public collaboration.



Anthony Back - Head of Blockchain Content/Research

Ezequiel Djeredjian - Digital Strategy/Engagement Manager

Zach Piester - Investor/Blockchain/Crypto/Innovation/Human Factors/Global Keynote Speaker

Julien Breteau - Blockchain Startup Founders/Influencers

Kevin Kim - Blockchain Analyst  

Hari Vaerhn - Global People Officer

Collin Thompson - Co-Founder

Bothini Navaneethan (BSc Hons, ACCA) - Finance Manager

Zania Musson - Blockchain Lawyer

Harsh Patel - EiR

Ankit Malik - Blockchain Research Manager 

Olena Zanichkovska - Founding Partner The Gradient/Digital Product Design Firm/PhD

Kazım Rıfat Özyılmaz - Founder

John Paul Armenio - CAO

Anusha Garg - Blockchain Security Analyst

Grace, Zhai Yunjie - Digital Marketing Analyst  

Country of origin Hong Kong


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