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Electronic Government As A Service

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Symbol EGS
Crowdsale opening date

15. Nov 2016

8 months ago

Crowdsale closing date

15. Dec 2016

7 months ago


EGaaS is a blockchain platform for organizing economic, public and social activities. These events are powered by smart laws and smart contracts.eGaaS performs four basic functions required for efficient transfer of most types of government and business activities into blockchain technology: financial system, registry structure, smart contract algorithm and smart law formation and execution mechanism.

Articles and research

eGaaS Begins Beta Testing of Electronic Government as a Service - Blockchain News




Oleg Strelenko: Founder

Alexey Krivonogov: Core Developer

Artur Pakhomov: Science Advisor

Yuriy Lomakin: Frontend Developer

Aleksandr Boldachev: Advisor/Analyst

Sergey Chernyshev: Science Advisor at IPE Lab

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Blockchain peer to peer network (What is blockchain?)


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