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Symbol MET
Crowdsale opening date

25. Jul 2017

2 months ago

Crowdsale closing date

25. Apr 2018

in 7 months


The Memessenger - a global messenger with memes instead of words. It allows people to communicate with each other according to few principles: -There are no words in the Memessenger, only memes. - Each meme in Memessenger realized as an audio-visual sticker. -Audio presents the sound of meme, visual - the picture of meme author. -If the person, who receive The Memessenger message, has it's phone not in the silent mode, sound of message will play automatically, even if The Memessenger works in background mode. The Memesenger has it's own Token - MET - which is expected to be an inner currency of the project.



Jury Karl - CEO

Alexey Bochkarev - Front End developer

Andrey Khrapov - CMO

Andrey Antipov -

Egor Zudin - CTO

Anton Zhukov - Back end developer

Country of origin Russia


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The Memessenger ICO is looking for a Business Partner in Korea The Memessenger is a promising mobile app for exchanging of hilarious meme-messages. It works perfectly for funny conversations and prank. It brings out a lot of positive emotions. One can chat only with the help funny meme-messages. An incoming audio-visual sticker automatically plays the meme’s audio if the receiver’s phone is not in silent mode. It causes a the notorious "wow-effect”. The Memessenger has a huge viral potential. The beta version project has already demonstrated local viral growth. Any mention in the media immediately led to a leap of installations and a surge of public engagement. It has already been put up in the app more than $250,000 of private capital, investments of a large venture fund, and $150,000 during preICO. Unlike risky ICOs lasting one round, The Memessenger offers transparent and clear logic. The ICO is held for 10 rounds during 10 months. Investors do not risk their capital and can see the real achievements of the team. The price of the MET token for each ICO round depends on the actual progress of the project. And it is honest! Advantages: The Memessenger ICO is made by one of the most powerful teams promoting IT products -; The best consultants of the industry - experts of the largest venture fund Waves, being a partner of the project, is the blockchain platform for ICO ( All the stated above opens up unique from the point of risks evaluation and fantastic from the point of potential benefits prospects . The product has a great potential for a general capitalization growth: The market price of Snap is $25 billion Capitalization of Line is $7,7 billion Weibo messenger has the price of $11,3 billion WeChat price is valuated at $83,6 billion WhatsApp was bought by Mark Zuckerberg for $21,8 billion Product value estimates in its audience The potential number of users of The Memessenger is more than 300,000 According to realistic forecasts and taking into consideration the proven mechanics of user retention, the number of active users of the app can be more than 30,000,000 people a day. Currently, the market evaluates the capitalization of similar projects in key metrics of the active audience. The bigger the audience, the higher is the token price! IIDF (, being a project partner, highly appreciated the concept of the project and got to see in it what the IT market of start-ups lacks: the entertainment potential, the clearness for the mass user and the potential for gaining a large number of active users. We are open to any cooperation offers regarding promotion of The Memessenger ICO in Korea. We are ready to pay you back 5% of all the sums invested in the ICO with your help. Contact us: Website - WhitePaper - Kakao Talk - Telegram - e-mail: 4 days ago 6 days ago 7 days ago

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